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The Bottom Line of the Notebook Boom
November 5, 2003
Executive road warriors probably would not want to tote Dell's $849 Inspiron 1100 or Gateway's $699 M305S. However, while sub-$1,000 notebook computers may be bulkier and less technologically cutting-edge than their more streamlined siblings, they still pack a powerful punch for a consumer's buck.
Novell Buys Linux Vendor SuSE for $210M
November 4, 2003
In a move that could significantly alter the Linux competitive landscape, Novell has said it will buy privately held Linux vendor SuSE for $210 million in cash. As part of the agreement, Novell also will accept a $50 million cash investment from IBM when the deal closes.
Yahoo Shutters Enterprise Unit
November 3, 2003
Yahoo has discontinued its enterprise software division, which it initially set up to push its messaging and Internet broadcast offerings onto corporate desktops. The company laid off an undisclosed number of workers at locations in California, Dallas and Atlanta as a result of the division closing.
The Real Cost of Online Music
November 1, 2003
Now that Apple's iTunes Music Store (iTMS) does Windows and Napster has been rehabilitated, more people are venturing into the world of legal music downloads. However, the onset of legal music download services has brought a new issue front and center: sound quality. Are online music files really as good as CDs?
IBM Pounces as HP Cuts Loose Server Line
October 31, 2003
Hewlett-Packard has announced it plans to stop actively selling its e3000 servers, which have a history stretching back more than 30 years. Meanwhile, HP rival IBM is seeking to use the discontinuance to convince HP customers to switch to its products.
Microsoft Opens Door to Longhorn Developers
October 30, 2003
Perhaps the most significant event at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference, which ran from Sunday through Thursday in Los Angeles, was the company's release of a developers version of its upcoming Windows OS, also known as Longhorn.
Are We Ready for E-Voting?
October 30, 2003
It's a beautiful vision: No more long lines of people waiting to vote at local elementary schools or city community centers. No more shuttling back home during a workday to stand in those lines. The dream of electronic voting, or e-voting, almost certainly will become a reality -- but probably not in the next few years.
HP CEO Fiorina: HP Will Adapt, Not Acquire
October 29, 2003
In an effort to downplay rumors that Hewlett-Packard will seek to beef up its consulting division by purchasing a major computer services company, such as EDS, HP CEO Carly Fiorina said she has passed on opportunities to make additional acquisitions. Instead, she said, she will focus on her company's ability to innovate.
The Future of Online Gambling
October 29, 2003
In part 1 of this article, "The High-Stakes World of Online Gambling," the E-Commerce Times looked at the state of the Internet betting industry and its remarkable popularity. Even with the potential for anti-gambling laws on the horizon, the industry seems to be going full speed ahead. What does the future hold for this expanding empire?
The High-Stakes World of Online Gambling
October 28, 2003
Just as Las Vegas pioneer Bugsy Siegel imagined a city of dice games and slot machines in the middle of the desert, entrepreneurs looked at the Web a few years ago and saw an audience hungry for online gaming. They were right to suspect there was gold in all those clicks.
Chipmaker Price Cuts Could Boost PC Sales
October 27, 2003
Intel and AMD, the two largest makers of computer chips, have said they will cut prices in advance of the peak holiday sales season. The move could be just what the doctor ordered for PC sales, which showed signs of stabilizing earlier this year and are starting to clock strong growth rates again, according to IDC analyst Loren Loverde.
BroadVision Bets on the New E-Commerce Upsurge
October 27, 2003
As BroadVision celebrates its first decade in the e-business arena, the company is breaking the silence it has maintained for the past several quarters, in which it flew under the radar as it reorganized and refocused its business. Now, the firm is fiscally healthier and hungry for new customers -- but it is facing a high hurdle.
Google Says IPO Could Come Soon
October 24, 2003
Executives at search engine powerhouse Google have been meeting with investment bankers in recent weeks, fueling widespread speculation that the company will stage an initial public offering soon, possibly in the first quarter of 2004.
Microsoft Expands Code-Viewing Program
October 23, 2003
Microsoft has said it will expand its "most valuable professionals" program, offering access to code that powers Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Previously, access through the Shared Source Initiative was limited to specialized versions of Windows software, such as CE for mobile computing and .NET Web services tools.
Can Online Sports Hit a Home Run?
October 23, 2003
The matchup many fans and advertisers had hoped to see in baseball's World Series failed to materialize this year as both the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox fell apart just short of advancing to the Fall Classic. Nevertheless, fans' feverish interest in the playoffs may have helped propel the online sports world toward a profitable and robust future.
Amazon Beats Street But Tempers Long-Range Outlook
October 22, 2003
Amazon.com beat earnings expectations in its third quarter with a profit of $16 million and predicted another record-smashing holiday season, but the e-tailer's relatively subdued forecast for 2004 raised renewed worries about the valuations of many Internet-sector stocks.
The Real New Economy
October 21, 2003
In today's economy, instead of endless flexibility and nonstop prosperity, workers are facing lower salaries and an outflow of jobs to countries that can afford to employ highly skilled workers at relatively low wages. Is this not-so-pleasant New Economy here to stay, or is it, like its go-go predecessor, merely a passing shadow?
RIAA Fires Warning Shots in Second Wave of War on Piracy
October 20, 2003
Following a spate of civil suits filed against music consumers in September, the RIAA has launched the next phase of its war on digital piracy. The organization has sent a total of 204 letters to individuals, each of whom, it claims, has made at least 1,000 songs available for upload at peer-to-peer file-trading sites such as Kazaa.
Google's Next Step
October 20, 2003
For years, Google has been the company to beat in the online search sector. However, the company is not content to rest on its prior success. Several initiatives are in the works to expand its reach even further and keep it at the top of the search heap. As the economy slowly turns around, what can users expect from Google?
VeriSign To Sell Network Solutions, Exit Registrar Business
October 17, 2003
VeriSign has announced it plans to sell its Network Solutions business unit to Pivotal Private Equity, a Phoenix, Arizona-based firm known for acquiring underperforming companies, for approximately $100 million.
Buoyed by Upturn, IBM Could Add 10,000 Jobs
October 16, 2003
Saying it is seeing the most concrete signs to date that an economic recovery is taking hold, IBM has indicated it could reverse more than two years of layoffs by adding as many as 10,000 jobs in 2004.
Intel Streaks Past Street, Own Forecasts
October 15, 2003
Intel has reported strong earnings that beat Wall Street forecasts and even outpaced the company's own raised expectations as sales grew in almost all product categories. The company said it earned $1.7 billion, more than twice what it made a year ago, as revenues grew to $7.8 billion, an increase of 20 percent from the third quarter of 2002.
Oracle Seeking Acquisition Targets
October 14, 2003
Executives at Oracle have announced the company is on the lookout for potential acquisitions and even briefly considered buying longtime partner Sun Microsystems. "As the industry matures and we grow larger and larger, we will have to grow through a combination of developing new products and buying other companies," Oracle CEO Larry Ellison noted.
Microsoft, Vodafone Target Wireless Web Services
October 13, 2003
Forging its second major partnership involving wireless devices in as many months, Microsoft has said it will work closely with Vodafone to create Web services standards that can extend desktop applications to mobile devices.
Out-of-the-Box E-Commerce
October 13, 2003
The traditional method of doing business online has been fairly standard. E-tailers present a bevy of products, build a secure purchase interface and advertise so that customers will come clicking to their virtual doorstep. In the past couple of years, however, some e-commerce companies have chosen different paths. Does it pay to be unconventional in today's e-commerce market?
Guess Who's Back? Napster - Sort Of
October 10, 2003
Napster, the onetime file-swapping nexus that sparked fear in the hearts -- and bottom lines -- of record labels, has officially been tamed and will relaunch as a legitimate online music service, parent company Roxio has announced. Napster 2.0 will be available to U.S. residents on October 29th -- but will it catch on with users?
The Brave New World of Internet Law
October 10, 2003
Last month at the IBLS Strategic Global Summit for E-Commerce, Pauline Reich, an associate professor at Waseda University School of Law in Tokyo, Japan, gave a speech entitled "Legal Issues: Internet and E-mail in the Workplace." She later spoke with the E-Commerce Times in more detail about some of the topics she discussed during her lecture.
What Is Eddie Bauer Doing Right?
October 10, 2003
For several weeks running, Eddie Bauer has occupied the top slot in Keynote Systems' E-Commerce Transaction Performance Index, handily beating out much larger players like Amazon and Wal-Mart. What is the company's recipe for success? As it turns out, there is no magic bullet for e-commerce success; rather, Eddie Bauer is focused on some very old-fashioned mantras.
Yahoo Beats Street, Doubles Profit in Q3
October 9, 2003
Offering perhaps the strongest evidence to date that Internet companies are poised to enjoy a strong revival, Yahoo beat the Street with third-quarter profits of $65.3 million that more than doubled from a year ago. Revenue in the third quarter rose 43 percent to $356.8 million, bolstering the company's dramatic turnaround.
Where Are the Motherboard Superstars?
October 9, 2003
In part 1 of this story, "Inside the Hidden World of Motherboard Manufacturers," we examined the inner workings of the motherboard industry. Overall, the sector is healthy, but there are several challenges facing it as well. How can motherboard manufacturers differentiate themselves in an increasingly consolidated market?
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