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Sun Releases Solaris Code Under CDDL License
January 26, 2005
Sun Microsystems officially started down the path to an open-source version of Solaris on Tuesday with a partial release of source code which ultimately will be OpenSolaris. Being released under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL), the full OpenSolaris distribution is expected in the second quarter.
Cisco To Buy Protego Networks in $65 Million Deal
December 20, 2004
Cisco Systems today announced plans to buy privately held Protego Networks, part of a year-long acquisition spree aimed at rounding out Cisco's network security offerings. Cisco said it would pay US$65 million in cash for Protego, which was founded in 2002 by two former Cisco executives and makes security appliances that monitor networks and detect anomalies to spot and mitigate security threats.
Microsoft Sells Game Developer to Take-Two
December 20, 2004
Microsoft reportedly has sold a Utah-based development studio that makes its sports video games, the second time in recent months that the company has sold off a game-development operation, effectively changing the gaming industry landscape. The studio, known as Indie Built, was sold for an undisclosed sum to Take-Two Interactive Software.
Marketers Comply, Complain as U.S. Spam Law Takes Effect
January 2, 2004
While U.S. legislators and e-mail users are hoping a new national anti-spam law will stem the flow of unwanted electronic solicitations, companies engaged in legitimate marketing are concerned they will pay a higher price than spammers who skirt legislative requirements or conduct their business from offshore.
IBM Targets Vertical Markets with Software Reorganization Plan
December 2, 2003
In a move designed to enable the company to better serve emerging markets and changing industries, IBM said it will reorganize its software business to enable it to target vertical industry segments more effectively. Big Blue plans to retain around half of its 13,000 sales employees around the world in industry-specific products and configurations.
Winners and Losers in the Online Travel Market
December 2, 2003
As e-commerce shoppers have become as comfortable booking travel online as they are buying a book on, the competition in the online travel market has become brisk indeed. Although the sudden decline in travel after the terrorist acts of September 11th caused fiscal repercussions for travel companies long afterwards, the industry seems now to be looking at rosier days ahead.
Early Signs Portend Strong Online Commerce
December 1, 2003
Online shoppers joined their real-world counterparts in roaring out of the gate as the official holiday shopping season began in the days after Thanksgiving, setting up e-commerce to exceed already lofty estimates for growth, according to reports. Nielsen//NetRatings reported that online retail sites saw traffic jump 28 percent on Friday compared to the same day a week earlier.
Teenage Wasteland - Or Online Goldmine?
November 29, 2003
Today's teenagers have powered the ongoing success of apparel seller Abercrombie & Fitch and music heavyweight MTV, among many other brands -- but the vast majority of e-tailers have long ignored the buying power of this group of consumers. That neglect is shortsighted, say industry experts who track and work in the youth market.
E-Commerce Holiday Wish List for 2003
November 25, 2003
As brick-and-mortar store managers start dusting off their reindeer and snowflake decorations, thoughts of revenue sugarplums doubtless are dancing in e-tailers' heads. Analysts are predicting robust growth in online spending as the gift-buying season gathers steam. Here are some predictions of likely hot sellers.
HP Targets Smaller Businesses with Cut-Rate Storage Offerings
November 24, 2003
Hewlett-Packard unveiled a line of low-cost servers aimed at the small- and medium-sized business market, saying it would sell the products for as much as 50 percent less than similar offerings from competitors. HP said the server-storage products are part of its larger smart-office push to attract more nonenterprise business customers.
Five Patents That Changed E-Business
November 24, 2003
With the second decade of large-scale e-business dawning, the E-Commerce Times decided to poll several well-known industry analysts to get their thoughts on some of the patents that have altered the e-business landscape.
Feds Round Up Suspects in Net Fraud Sweep
November 21, 2003
The Federal Bureau of Investigation and a handful of other law enforcement agencies have charged 125 people with a host of Internet-related crimes, ranging from identity theft and software piracy to auction fraud and hacking. The FBI said those arrested so far are responsible for bilking at least 125,000 victims out of more than $100 million.
E-Commerce Holiday Battle Plans - Part 2
November 21, 2003
In part 1 of this story, the E-Commerce Times looked at how Web sites are gearing up for the holiday buying season by beefing up staff, servers and warehouse operations. However, once sites are stable and customer-service departments are fully staffed, what are e-tailers doing to lure holiday shoppers so that their traffic will spike as planned?
HP Beats Street as All Units Turn Profit
November 20, 2003
Posting its best overall quarter since merging with Compaq more than a year ago, Hewlett-Packard outpaced earnings and revenue estimates in the third quarter, more than doubling its profit to $862 million, and said all five of its business segments operated in the black.
E-Commerce Holiday Battle Plans
November 20, 2003
As the holiday period approaches, e-commerce players are gearing up for an online buying rush. Many analysts predict this will be the best year yet in terms of site visits and sales. What are companies doing to ensure the season proceeds as smoothly as possible?
AOL Buys Audio-Video Clip Search Firm
November 19, 2003
In a move that could open a new front in the search engine wars, America Online has purchased Singingfish, a search company that focuses exclusively on helping Web surfers find audio and video clips on the Internet and whose customers include Microsoft and RealNetworks.
Luxury E-Tail: Who's Buying This Stuff?
November 18, 2003
A $75 box of truffles. A $550 designer handbag. A $10,000 diamond ring. While these may not sound like the kinds of products consumers would rush to buy over the Internet, plenty of people are in fact patronizing luxury e-tail sites. Who are these shoppers, and why are they attracted to the online channel for big-ticket purchases?
Building E-Commerce Partnerships That Work
November 17, 2003
Few e-commerce companies tread their path entirely alone. The majority rely on partnerships with portals, search sites, fellow merchants and brick-and-mortar retailers to survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive environment. However, forging partnerships that work well is a tricky business. How do e-commerce companies do it?
How To Avoid Getting Burned by Used PCs
November 15, 2003
Judging by bids on eBay and postings on craigslist, the market for slightly used PCs appears to be sizzling. However, would-be buyers face several of the same pitfalls inherent in buying used cars. How can they tell if they are getting a sweet deal -- or if they will be dealing with a lemon?
Former Gateway Execs Face Charges as Dell Charges
November 14, 2003
Three former Gateway executives, including former CFO John J. Todd and former CEO Jeffrey Weitzen, face civil suits charging they manipulated the computer maker's earnings in mid-2000 as the onetime market darling struggled to keep up with expectations amid slumping sales.
IBM CEO Palmisano Forecasts IT Spending Growth
November 13, 2003
IBM CEO Sam Palmisano has disclosed that private enterprises intend to increase technology spending next year. Offering the first quantified look at the recovery that technology firms have hinted at in recent weeks, Palmisano said most companies plan modest boosts of between 2 and 4 percent.
Strong Holiday E-Commerce Forecast Tempered by Security Fears
November 12, 2003
Consumers are gearing up for another strong online holiday shopping season, but they continue to express concern about the security aspects of buying via the Web, according to a survey commissioned by the Business Software Alliance.
Cisco Buys Latitude in $80M Deal
November 12, 2003
In an effort to build on momentum generated by a robust earnings report, Cisco Systems has reached an agreement to buy Latitude Communications, a software firm that makes Web conferencing products. Cisco said it will pay $3.95 for each share of Latitude stock, making the deal worth an estimated $80 million.
Microsoft's New, Low-Cost Virtual PC To Run Linux
November 10, 2003
Microsoft has released Virtual PC 2004 to manufacturers, completing a lengthy product-customization process that began when the software giant acquired Connectix earlier this year. The Redmond, Washington-based company also said it will lower the sticker price of Virtual PC by $100, to $129, and predicted the product will be ready for sale by the end of this year.
The Rock-Bottom World of
November 10, 2003, which offers up to 80 percent off the sticker price of items ranging from dresses to computers, has become a favorite bargain-hunting destination for many online shoppers, following a rough start. Will it manage to stay at the top, or could it end up as low as its price tags?
Corporate Names and the Problem of Googlization
November 10, 2003
Ever heard, "Did you google today?" or, "Go try googling, and you will find it?" Watch out for this sort of lingo. To most people it may sound like free advertising for Google, but in reality it could be a nightmare for the corporation.
AMD Predicts Rosy 2004, May Start Hiring
November 7, 2003
Chipmaker AMD has said it sees signs of improving market conditions and will start "selectively hiring" during 2004 to meet an anticipated increase in demand. The company said it expects to post a profit in the fourth quarter and is optimistic about at least the first half of 2004, thanks to what executives called a "mini-boomlet" in the PC market.
How Small Businesses Can Afford E-Commerce
November 7, 2003
With many online behemoths still struggling to turn a profit in the e-commerce sector, smaller businesses may question whether the online sales model is truly a road to riches or just a pipedream. In the latest incarnation of SMB e-business, many companies are abandoning their aging homegrown systems in favor of prepackaged software.
Cisco Crushes Estimates But Keeps Outlook Conservative
November 6, 2003
Cisco Systems blew past Wall Street targets for revenue and earnings in its first quarter as telecommunications companies, government agencies and consumers helped power the Internet gear maker's sales to strong growth.
The Bottom Line of the Notebook Boom - Part 2
November 6, 2003
The first installment of this two-part series explored the notion that despite consumers' increasing demand for strong multimedia capabilities, vendors' low-end notebook computers can be a suitable replacement for home desktop PCs. Of course, there are some tradeoffs to be made.
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