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VMworld 2013: No Stars but Plenty of Sparkle
August 27, 2013
At VMworld 2013, being held in San Francisco this week, VMware has been announcing a slew of incremental improvements and enhancements to its platform instead of unveiling striking new technologies or features -- perhaps an indication that the virtualization market is maturing. "Despite the conference's theme of 'Defy Convention,' virtualization is in fact the convention," said IDC's Al Gillen.
Getting to Yes: How to Embrace Consumer Clouds Without Losing Control
August 17, 2013
Business is increasingly taking place outside the boundaries of corporate data centers with data being moved to public clouds at an accelerating rate. Collaboration with outside partners, consultants and clients is becoming the norm. It even has a name: "open collaboration." Employees who have embraced the cloud are turning to low-end "consumer grade" file-sharing services for business activities.
Sorting Out the Big Data Myths
August 14, 2013
Debunking myths around Big Data should be a first step to making better business decisions for improving data analysis and data management capabilities in a company. As the volume and purpose of data and business intelligence has dramatically shifted, older notions and misconceptions -- what amount to myths about data infrastructure -- need to updated and corrected, too.
BlackBerry Brings BB7 Back for Another Round
August 13, 2013
BlackBerry 10 may have been the primary focus of its embattled maker in recent months, but on Tuesday the company revealed that its hopes for a turnaround don't rest solely on that new technology. Rather, BlackBerry announced the 9720, a handset that not only has the look and feel of its longstanding Curve line of devices but also runs its venerable BlackBerry 7 OS.
Poor Patch Management Makes CMSes Low-Hanging Fruit for Hackers
August 13, 2013
Content management systems like WordPress and Joombla have become popular targets for hackers in recent times because flaws in those systems can be leveraged for mischief across literally millions of websites. WordPress is running on some 73 million websites and Joomla some 35 million, so if you're a cybercriminal with a fresh vulnerability in your satchel, you can do some serious damage.
Time for CIOs to Create Cloud-Based App Stores
August 10, 2013
I've been charting the evolution of the corporate app store idea in this column for more than three years. Until recently, most of the focus has been on how various service providers and other institutions can establish app stores to resell apps to their customers. Now, enlightened CIOs are discovering the advantages of implementing internal app stores.
Samsung's Galaxy Folder: Double the Screens, Double the Fun?
August 2, 2013
It's hardly surprising that Samsung is working on a brand-new smartphone -- it is a device manufacturer, after all. What is surprising is the form factor of this new device: It will reportedly be styled as a dual-display flip phone -- similar, in other words, to the many other clamshell devices that saturated the market before smartphones took over.
Moto X Launches a Rainbow of DIY Phone Possibilities
August 1, 2013
Motorola on Thursday unveiled its Moto X sensor-laden smartphone at meetings with the media and analysts in New York. As expected, the device is chock-full of sensors and is controlled directly by voice. "You can stand on the other side of the room and say, 'OK Google Now' and it responds," said Ramon Llamas, a research manager at IDC. "This is Siri on steroids."
Dell Decks Out 'Ophelia' for the Pint-Sized PC Parade
July 29, 2013
Not much has been seen of Dell's "Project Ophelia" thumb PC since its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, but recently reports have emerged suggesting that the Android-powered device is now making its way to beta testers, with an official release anticipated in the next few months. Expected to be priced at about $100, the device is just slightly larger than a USB stick.
Google Play Misses Dangerous Apps at Border Control
July 23, 2013
Despite yeoman efforts by Google to close a critical hole in its Android mobile operating system that allows any app to be turned into a malicious Trojan, programs are still appearing in the company's Google Play store with the flaw. A number of apps containing the so-called MasterKey vulnerability were discovered by cybersecurity firm Bitdefender last week.
It Will Take a Village to Raise Ubuntu's Edge
July 22, 2013
Canonical on Monday announced a $32 million campaign to crowdfund the creation of Ubuntu Edge, a brand-new smartphone that dual-boots Ubuntu phone OS and Android. Launched on Indiegogo, the month-long campaign focuses on funding a limited production run of 40,000 devices. Backers committing $600 by Tuesday morning or $830 thereafter will receive one an Ubuntu Edge device in May 2014.
BoxTone's Brian Reed: Securing Android for the Enterprise
July 16, 2013
BoxTone's enterprise mobility management platform is designed to bring Android security up to levels better-suited to the rigors of the business workforce, but in making Android enterprise-hardened, the company left Android's open source trappings intact. As part of that EMM platform, BoxTone delivers its service in three categories of functionality.
Tomfoolery Drops Anchor for 'Bring Your Own Software' Crowd
June 28, 2013
Tomfoolery on Thursday launched Anchor, an app that brings team-based social networking to the enterprise on mobile devices as well as on the Web. Anchor basically lets teams and team members interact socially at a time when the growing tendency for workers is to bring their own devices and, in some cases, isolate themselves from a group workplace culture.
VMware, Verizon Split Mobile Personalities
May 15, 2013
VMware and Verizon on Wednesday jointly announced the availability of VMware Horizon Mobile, a dual persona solution designed to segregate corporate and personal information, on the LG Intuition and Motorola Razr M smartphones used by Verizon Enterprise customers. The dual persona system establishes a separate workspace for corporate data, while personal information remains separate and secure.
Federal Workers Lead Telecommuting Upsurge
May 7, 2013
U.S. government employees led a big jump in the use of technology to work from home or other locations, instead of their normal offices, during an annual telecommuting exercise in March. For employers and vendors, the message seems clear that the market for telework and mobile workplace equipment and software has only one way to go -- up.
Social Sharing May Be Eroding Office Security
April 22, 2013
It's no secret that security experts don't have a lot of love for social media. Information freely available at social media sites makes it easier for net marauders to fashion targeted attacks on organizations. However, social media may be undermining data security in a more profound way. Much has been made of the growing willingness of people to cough up personal information about themselves.
Google Grooms Chrome for the Office
April 19, 2013
Google this week introduced two new features for its Chrome browser in a move to bolster demand in the corporate sector. "There is a massive concern surrounding Google and privacy that generally has corporations avoiding this browser officially in favor of Firefox or Internet Explorer," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group.
The Hidden Risks of Mobile CRM, Part 2
April 19, 2013
Mobile marketing may just be in its infancy, but it already has ushered in a world of new risks -- or rather, existing risks that have been repackaged. They range from running afoul of still-developing regulations to security concerns, to consumers misinterpreting content. As people connect with the Internet through multiple access points, keeping a marketing message consistent is becoming more essential.
The Rebirth of PCs, or Telling IT to Frack Off Again
April 15, 2013
I've been watching the horrid numbers surrounding the PC market with double digit declines and folks increasingly talking about the "death of the PC," but I don't think the PC is dying any more than computing was dying when the PC was created. What we are seeing is a rapid evolution of the platform -- a shift to where the calculations are made back to a centralized resource, but the end result is at least as personal as we have always had.
The Hidden Risks of Mobile CRM, Part 1
April 12, 2013
As mobile marketing evolves, so do its risks. The Federal Trade Commission last month released its updated "Dot Com" guidelines. An update long in coming -- the first since the report was released in 2000 -- the guidelines take special note of mobile. In short, they state that the same rules that apply to ads in newspapers, radio and television apply to mobile devices -- and social media too, for that matter.
Virtualization: An IT Prescription for Healthcare Providers
April 8, 2013
Healthcare providers know that technology can provide an answer to higher operating costs and ailing efficiencies within their organizations, but strict regulatory issues and other compliance matters have always proved to be tough obstacles. The security of patient health data, after all, must never be compromised in pursuit of greater efficiencies.
Feds Tiptoe Into Telecommuting Territory
March 12, 2013
Yahoo's recently adopted ban on telecommuting is designed to boost creativity and cooperation by having employees work on-site. That may work for the search company, but elsewhere employers regard telework as a useful and productive option. That includes the single largest U.S. employer -- the federal government.
Despite Security Issues, Pentagon Clears Android, iOS for Duty
February 27, 2013
The Department of Defense announced Tuesday it would be opening up its communications platform to allow Apple and Android tablets and smartphones, a move that acknowledges the impact of mobile technology in the civilian world while also increasing the potential for added security risks.
Flaws in iOS 6.1 May Bruise Apple's Business Appeal
February 15, 2013
Recent flaws found in Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 6.1, are raising questions about whether they could tarnish the iPhone's appeal in the enterprise. Since its arrival in January, Apple has had to push a number of updates to fix problems with the OS. It released a minor upgrade, version 6.1.1, to address a connectivity issue with devices using the software.
RIM Releases BYOD-Friendly IT Management Software
January 23, 2013
Research In Motion released a new version of its BlackBerry Enterprise Service mobile device management software on Wednesday. This comes just over a week before the official launch of the new BlackBerry 10 OS and compatible handsets, and just days after RIM CEO Thorsten Heins suggested the company might abandon the hardware market and sharpen its focus on software.
Securing BYOD Access With Single Sign-on
January 19, 2013
For enterprises, the collision of the mobile revolution with the cloud revolution represents a security train wreck. Tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming the productivity tool of choice for executives, sales professionals and remote workers. However, BYOD is making it difficult for IT departments to enforce security policies on private and public cloud applications accessed from personal devices.
Federal Agencies Face Mobile Tech Catch-22
January 8, 2013
The fast pace of mobile technology development can improve the ways we share information almost overnight, with new applications and more powerful devices rolling out on a regular basis. Federal agencies are trying to keep up with the times and have solidly embraced mobile IT but are stymied by having to meet federal operational requirements..
SMBs Can Be More Secure With Cloud, Virtualization, BYOD
December 21, 2012
If you're a technology professional in a small or mid-sized business, chances are pretty good that information security is something you've had on your radar for quite a while now. In a smaller shop, this is usually out of necessity. As well all know, SMBs usually don't have the luxury of an expansive technology budget that would allow for extensive resource specialization.
Avaya Puts More Eggs in BYOD Basket
November 26, 2012
Avaya IP Office joined the BYOD revolution with the release of version 8.1 earlier this year. Now the company is gearing up for more changes, including a forthcoming release that will integrate video functionality into its feature set. It will continue to expand its functionality around mobility in 2013, said SVP Tom Mitchell, president of Avaya Go to Market.
CRM's Eeny, Meeny, Miny Mobile Problem
November 20, 2012
In the beginning, there was Apple's iPad. For a long time, "tablet" meant the iPad and nothing but the iPad. Then competitors began to make an appearance in the tablet market. For CRM vendors, that state of affairs made developing mobile products and strategies much easier. Now, there are several tablets of varying sizes competing in the market.
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