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Peter Suciu
Self-Driving Cars Avoid Collision, as They Should
06/26/15 1:50 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 795 Words

... self-driving prototype vehicles, one operated by Google and the other operated by Delphi Automotive, earlier this week avoided a collision in Palo Alto, California. Neither car touched the other, but the incident spurred a number of rattled headlines over the so-called "near...

David Jones
Google's Self-Driving Cars Still Need Human Touch
01/14/16 3:07 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 630 Words

In addition to Google, the permitted companies are BMW, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen Group of America, Mercedes Benz, Delphi Automotive, Tesla Motors, Bosch, Nissan and Cruise Automation.

Bosch, Delphi, Google, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Tesla and Volkswagen -- all of which received permits in...

Jim Offner
Online Pioneer Marks Silver Anniversary of E-Commerce
03/04/08 10:29 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 962 Words

They then bought a 300 BPS modem -- a system so slow, Randall said, that the user could read text faster than it came to the screen), bought a new database system called "Alpha 2" and struck an agreement with the owners of Videotext -- which would later become Delphi ...

Jennifer LeClaire
The Digital Car: Cool Automotive Accessories, Part 1
01/11/07 4:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 914 Words

Two to look for from Delphi are the Nav200 and the SKYFi3.

The NAV200 portable GPS navigation system offers a blend of navigation and entertainment features in a portable package . Priced at $399, this device fits in your pocket. That means...

Meryl K. Evans
Getting 'Smart' About Outsourcing
06/21/06 7:00 AM PT | CRM Buyer | 696 Words

... the trend toward outsourcing grows, companies are gradually turning to "smartsourcing" to make the practice work for optimum effect. "When a company is smartsourcing, it is leveraging its strengths and managing its 'weaknesses' -- so to speak -- through strategic partnering," said Carl Frappaolo, Delphi ...

Denis Pombriant
The Force May Be With Microsoft
11/02/19 4:00 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 988 Words

Even Oracle's company name suggests being able to predict the future in the way that the ancient Greek Oracle at Delphi did.

That win spawned the RDBMS revolution. We all became SQL fluent, and Oracle never looked back.

The JEDI contract...

Jim McGregor
Autonomous Vehicle Development Fuels Industry Angst
08/30/19 5:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1285 Words

Chip vendors like NXP, Renesas and ST Microelectronics once supplied automotive system suppliers -- typically referred to as the "tier ones" -- like Bosch, Continental, Denso, Delphi and Magna. With the entrance of companies like Nvidia and Intel, the introduction of AI...

David Jones
Russian Gang Suspected of Hacking Oracle's POS System
08/20/16 8:30 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 543 Words

MalumPOS is written in the Delphi language and can scrape memory contents of targeted processes, the firm noted.

Retail and Hospitality
Although Oracle's MICROS system is prevalent in the hospitality industry, it also is used by a wide variety...

John P. Mello Jr.
What Goes Around Comes Around: Russia Gets Hacked
09/23/15 5:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 2034 Words

The Mozilla Delphi Cybersecurity Study: Towards a User Centric Cybersecurity Policy Agenda. 12 noon ET. Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law School, Wasserstein Hall, Milstein East C, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Free with RVSP, will also be webcast live. Sept. 30. What Happened...

Richard Adhikari
Automatic Link Kicks Your Car's Brain Into High Gear
03/12/13 3:36 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 697 Words

The auto industry "won't care" about the Automatic Link, Lanctot said. "There were three similar products launched at the Consumer Electronics Show from Audiovox , Directed, and Verizon and Delphi." ...

Richard Adhikari
Middle East's Latest Malware Malady Does It Old-School
07/19/12 7:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 689 Words

Never Mind the Oracle
The backdoors were apparently coded in Delphi , which is an integrated development environment from Borland originally developed as a rapid application development tool for Windows.

This and the quality of the code "suggests that...

Katherine Noyes
What Tweaks Could Make Linux Even Better?
08/12/10 5:00 AM PT | LinuxInsider | 1063 Words

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the old saying goes, and it goes without saying that those of...

Dana Gardner
Cutting Through the Fog to Get to the Cloud
03/27/10 5:00 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 1473 Words

Tom Kolopolous, president and founder, of The Delphi Group , opened the series as keynote speaker by stressing the opportunities cloud model provide for innovation, especially during an economic downturn.

Cloud, Kolopoulos said, is a key enabler of innovation. For those...

Jim Dusoe
The Groundbreaking Potential of Codeless Ajax
04/07/09 4:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1171 Words

Who among us hasn't fielded an application built in tools such as Visual Basic, Delphi, FoxPro, Alpha Five, FileMaker, Paradox and the like?

Now the era of "codeless Ajax" is upon us. In general, codeless Ajax promises to free developers from...

Jack M. Germain
Nine Great GPS Gadgets for Holiday Giving
12/05/06 4:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 853 Words

Delphi Electronics' Nav200 is a portable navigation device with entertainment features that include an MP3 player, picture viewer, movie viewer and game. It comes preloaded with U.S. and Canadian NAVTEQ maps on a 1.5 GB SD card; a 3.5-inch bright, anti-glare, full-color...

Keith Regan
Dell to Establish Central European Presence With $250M Poland Plant
09/18/06 10:56 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 612 Words

IBM and Delphi already have major sites in Poland. LG Phillips recently announced what is believed to be the largest tech-related project in the country, pledging to build an LCD screen manufacturing plant in the city of Biskupice.

The forecast for parts...

Keith Regan
Sybase Eying Mobile Enterprise With Software Buy
07/29/05 1:21 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 607 Words

It also offers a database software set used by 1,200 Delphi database users worldwide.

The firms said together they could better target the Fortune 500 and other large companies with their shared vision of the "unwired enterprise."

"A lot of businesses...

Blane Warrene
Beyond Proprietary Databases: Helen Borrie on the Future of Firebird
06/11/04 5:00 AM PT | LinuxInsider | 1471 Words

In addition to the general Firebird support list, there are separate lists for specific areas: Java, .Net, Delphi, PHP, ODBC, Visual Basic and so on.

Commercial support is available from a number of companies. The major English language company is IBPhoenix,...

Ian Robinson
Inside Benchmarking: Hardware Testing in the 21st Century
01/16/04 6:56 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1444 Words

Benchmark programmers typically have had to choose which languages -- Java, C, C++ and Delphi , for example -- and which application programming interfaces they use. Often, these APIs sit on top of each other to form layers, and the programmer must choose...

Paul A. Greenberg
Minority B2B Venture Folds
07/20/00 12:00 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 522 Words

Roberts said in a statement, "Closing down operations is seen as the most prudent action at this time to conserve investor capital." As group vice president of North American vehicle sales , service and marketing , Roberts was once the highest ranking African-American executive at General Motors. Delphi ...


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