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Re: SalentOS Switchers Will Have No Regrets
Posted by TheDamir on 2017-12-29 09:47:25
In reply to Jack M. Germain
I can so confirm all of the above, SalentOS is wonderful! Coming from a slow learner, sort-of eternal newbie (meaning no terminal use yet, except if basically copy-pasted from a web-source) and finally installed more than one distro on a soon-to-be-quite-old machine (4GB/CeleronDuo 1.6GHz, Asus). Linux Mint was on here, 5 years ago -after a year or two the sw-manager stopped responding. Lubuntu quite ok for 2-3 years, hard-disk failure, ofc not lubuntu's fault but wanted to try something else. MX on an old thinkpad quite ok, but what else is there...and after months (I do go to work and have a family) finally got around to MX (just appreciate it) antix (oh so fast but no support..?), Bodhi (ok...), and SalentOS -and I just got stuck, literally because of the smile it puts on your face. Just using browser, simple games and the office stuff, hope to install skype later in the evening. Planning to learn a lot more finally and then get back to the developers, since I speak Italian, just to thank them, maybe donate some, probably in the form of translations. My first post to any linux forum. Have a nice New Year.

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Re: SalentOS Switchers Will Have No Regrets  Jack M. Germain  2017-02-07 13:41:18
Re: SalentOS Switchers Will Have No Regrets  TheDamir  2017-12-29 09:47:25
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