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Re: The 3 Faces of Customer Care
Posted by: Jeff Kagan 2018-02-08 18:05:26
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Companies are run by people. Some do a great job of putting the customer first and growing, which ultimately rewards investors. Others don't. Some first focus on investors and numbers, simply not caring about or taking care of the customer. That approach can have a serious and long-term negative impact on the company. Following are several examples of what some companies are doing right and wrong. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is exceptional. It has a long history of training its workers to present themselves as ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.

Re: The 3 Faces of Customer Care
Posted by: KLUND 2018-02-08 19:33:11 In reply to: Jeff Kagan
Donít you think that the consumer also needs to be responsible? Companies get taken advantage of by people like you that think good customer service means doing whatever the customer wants. If you admit you didnít understand something correctly, that is not the companyís fault. If you assumed a membership was cancelled because your son said so, that is not the companyís fault. Sounds like entitlement and an unwillingness to take ownership of an issue.
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