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Re: Feds: Cloud Cybersecurity Benefits Now Outweigh Risks
Posted by: John K. Higgins 2017-12-11 22:03:55
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Many federal government IT managers used to be wary of the shortcomings of migrating to cloud technology because of potential data security problems affecting email, business systems, personal data records and, especially, national security operations. However, after the federal "cloud first" initiative's six-year effort to promote the technology, there are signs that federal IT managers gradually have changed their assessment. Federal IT managers have concluded that cloud technology will exceed government data protection requirements.

Re: Feds: Cloud Cybersecurity Benefits Now Outweigh Risks
Posted by: RealityCheck101 2017-12-28 12:15:24 In reply to: John K. Higgins
Some great points in this article.

I just want to add my spin on it.

First off, let's not forget that no matter where you put your data you are responsible for it. When security is out of your control then you have to implement sound contracts with your vendors and you have to make sure they are living up to whatever security measures they say they are providing. You also have to do your part and make sure you are testing your security regularly. Do unsecured Amazon S3 buckets sound familiar to anyone?

I think part of the push for moving things to the "Cloud" is it is a perceived cost savings measure for many in management and it can often simplify standing up servers, rolling out apps, etc. Of course, sometimes there are fees for bandwidth that you have to take into consideration such as that Amazon charges to transfer data between your S3 buckets and your on-prem network. I used the word "perceived" savings because there are other factors that every entity must consider.

I know of many early adopters of the Cloud that are now migrating back to on-prem solutions for a variety of reasons. One reason is for regulation/compliance issues and another is for more control over systems to include logging and investigative controls.

By the way, is everyone making sure the vendor's IT staff are having background checks on a regular basis and they are not stealing or modifying your data? Just something to consider, especially for government entities that are charged with protecting citizen data such as HIPAA, PCI, etc.

I'm not sure Cloud adoption is always done for the right reasons and I don't think it is the solution for every entity. Like anything, you need to evaluate all your options and do those things that make sense for your business model. Just because someone else is doing something doesn't mean you should. I think we tell this to our children from an early age and definitely something we should remember as professionals in IT.

Happy New Year everyone!
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