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Re: Retailers Slowly Embracing In-Store Tech Tools
Posted by: David Jones 2017-10-17 09:36:18
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Most retailers don't have the in-store technology to view customer information across various touchpoints, suggests a new study from Kibo. Fifty-eight percent of retailers who participated in the study, released last Thursday, acknowledged they did not have that capability. The study was based on questions posed to 115 retail executives during the Future Stores 2017 conference. "Retailers must have a complete picture of all consumer activities, regardless of buying channel," said Kibo CMO Tushar Patel.

Re: Retailers Slowly Embracing In-Store Tech Tools
Posted by: ManishC 2017-11-03 09:03:12 In reply to: David Jones
@David, this is a great article, which does a great job of highlighting the struggles for retailers under pressure to provide omnichannel shopping experiences. Before retailers can provide a holistic view of shopper activity across channels, they need a unified commerce platform that brings together all orders and purchases across all channels and systems -- the stores (POS), the ecommerce site and marketplaces (OMS), the call center (OMS also).

With the basics in place (and these basics are available to the smaller retailers mentioned in the article), retailers can easily put tablets in the store associates' hands that can help. Oasis Fashions' store associates carry tablets to look up customer activity and inventory availability and then for checkout. Crate & Barrel has an ecommerce website, a mobile site, and in-store kiosks that all share and update the same wedding registry.

The retailers that don't take advantage of today's cloud-based order management systems that power these capabilities stand to lose to those who do.

Great article.

Manish Chowdhary, CEO,

Re: Retailers Slowly Embracing In-Store Tech Tools
Posted by: RajeshNair 2017-10-27 08:16:02 In reply to: David Jones
Great article @David. I'm very much sure about this in-store technology implementation which will bring a big change in retail industry. And as you mentioned, digital transformation is an innovation-led opportunity across industries. But, on the other side it is very significant to check all the concerns as well. Overall this is a nice article and I really enjoyed reading it with interest!
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