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Dot-Coms Dive As Fed Holds Rates Steady

High-tech stocks slid Tuesday despite the Federal Reserve's announcement that it is holding interest rates at 6.5 percent and the hint that it will cut rates sooner than later. Bear Stearns analyst Jeffrey Fieler told NewsFactor's E-Commerce Times that his firm believes the Fed will lower interest...

The Dot-Com Shakeout: Who Knew?

Remember when people actually wondered if there would be a dot-com shakeout? Remember when you were Chicken Little if you displayed any anxiety about the New Economy? When the sky finally fell -- and fell hard -- you were not alone if you were caught by surprise. After all, most analysts and invest...

What’s in a Dot-Com Name? If any four e-tailers had reason to believe they could succeed by name alone, these four did. Instead, within a 16-day span, all four generically-named companies announced they were shutting down operations. The momentum of the dot-com shakeout ha...

E-Commerce Gains as Pure Plays Dwindle

Within the next month, a mess of online holiday sales figures will be released, to be scrutinized like tea leaves for signs of e-commerce's ultimate fate. However, no matter how those numbers read, 2001 is shaping up as a year where traditional storefront and catalog retailers firmly take control of...

What You Don’t Know About Net Taxes

Did you know that the current U.S. moratorium on Internet taxation does not ban taxes on goods sold via the Internet?

Is Live Interaction Ready for Prime Time?

Online businesses unmistakably want to augment their customer relations with everything from instant messaging to real-time online voice conversations, as studies, analysts and experience have convinced the industry that high-tech customer service is key for retaining customers.

When Will E-Commerce Stocks Rebound?

Investors scarred by the recent performance of several noteworthy e-commerce stocks will probably not see much near-term relief, but might be pleasantly surprised by the long-term outlook, a sampling of industry analysts revealed.

When Will E-Commerce Stocks Rebound? (Cont.)

Goldman Sachs analyst Anthony Noto wrote in a research note last month that his firm had downgraded Priceline because overall conditions for online air ticketing businesses are not favorable.

Do Splash and Flash Yield E-tail Cash?

There's nothing quite like taking a Ferrari out on the open highway. There's also nothing quite like taking a Ferrari out on a muddy, potholed, traffic-congested road.

Not All Page Views Are Created Equal

If you're any kind of television fan (and I'm not here to debate the merits of being one), at some point A.C. Nielsen and his data-gathering progeny have been a royal pain in your remote. The Nielsen ratings have the power to cruelly destroy a show, however brilliant, if the numbers don't meet expec...

California Governor Vetoes Net Tax Bill

A proposed law that would have forced businesses operating in California to charge sales tax for online transactions within the state was vetoed Monday by Governor Gray Davis.

A Net Without E-Commerce?

Problems facing e-commerce seem to turn up as often as eggs on Easter Sunday.

Whistling Through the Dot-Com Graveyard

People all over the world travel to see the tombstones of celebrities, from Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles to Jim Morrison in Paris. Why should online businesses be treated any differently? Slammed with $100M+ Ruling

In a ruling that could forever alter the digital copyright landscape, a U.S. District Court found Wednesday that Internet music download site willfully infringed the copyrighted works of Universal Music Group and is liable for damages of at least $118 million (US$).

Tiny Net Grocer First To Go Wireless

New York City-based Jefferson Market, which began 60 years ago as a small neighborhood shop, has become the first grocer to make its services available to Internet-enabled cellular phones.

Latin American E-Commerce Still Facing Hurdles

Despite exponential increases in Internet investment and access, Latin America's e-commerce consumer market figures to remain largely untapped for years to come, according to analysts specializing in the region.

The Making of E-Commerce: 10 Key Moments, Part II

In Part I of this special report, the E-Commerce Times looked back at the first five major milestones in e-commerce history. From the first electronic business transactions to heartstopping e-tail sales figures, e-commerce burst onto the scene in dramatic fashion.

The Making of E-Commerce: 10 Key Moments

For anyone who has been involved with e-commerce for any length of time, the experience must feel like a roller coaster ride.

Do Dot-Com Stunts Make a Difference?

You have DotComGuy. You also have the e-Cavemen, the MSN Project Four and -- better nicknames welcome -- Internet Strategist on a Boat.

E-Commerce Taking Less of More VC

Funding for e-commerce sites declined amid an overall increase in venture capital funding for the quarter ended June 30th, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers Money Tree survey released Monday.

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