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Radio Shack Plans To Put It All Online

Tandy Corp.'s Radio Shack could become the first major national electronics retail chain to put its wares online, when it launches an e-commerce business this fall. The largest consumer electronics retailer in the U.S. has formed a new division called, which will focus on selling TVs,...

Lloyds of London Offers Anti-Hacker Insurance

As the number of e-commerce transactions and the amount of money spent on the Internet continue to skyrocket, the risks incurred by companies conducting e-commerce also increase.

IBM Unveils New E-Commerce Center

IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) is inviting e-commerce companies to take a field trip this summer to explore ways to improve their online businesses. The theme park for this new e- commerce adventure: a new 10,500 square-foot IBM Design Center under construction in Poughkeepsie, New York.

NewChannel’s Real-Time E-Commerce Sales Force

NewChannel Inc., an e-commerce technology company, wants to put sales people back into e-commerce, and national shipping company Consolidated Freightways Inc. is ready to give it a try.

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