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A Week on E-Commerce Times, Plus Recent Archives

  • Walmart-Amazon Rivalry Turns Into Food Fight
  • Google to Weed Out Cryptocurrency Ads
  • German Court's Privacy Ruling Against Facebook Will Have Far-Reaching Effects
  • Data Storage, Privacy and Metaphysics: SC Weighs Arguments in MS Case
  • Amazon Courts Medicaid Recipients With Deep Prime Discount


  • Where Blockchain Tech Offers the Most Promise
  • Voice Shopping Set to Skyrocket
  • Amazon Buys Ring to Make Homes, Deliveries More Secure
  • Mobile Pay, Smart Speaker Brand Confusion Means No Winners
  • 5 Podcast Pluses for E-Commerce SMBs
  • SC Justices to Hear Arguments in Microsoft, DoJ Data Privacy Face-Off
  • 5 Effective Ways SMB Etailers Can Battle Fraud
  • 'Different Strokes' Approach Can Damage a Brand
  • FCC's Final Rule on Net Neutrality Sparks Legal Challenges
  • AI's Malicious Potential Front and Center in New Report
  • Google Pay to Challenge Apple, Amazon
  • Vendors Await $50B 'Tsunami' of US Telecom Contracts
  • 3 Cybersecurity Threats SMB Etailers Should Not Ignore
  • Google Launches Offensive Against Annoying Ads
  • Oracle to Leverage AI, Machine Learning in Autonomous Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft to Use Blockchain to Create Decentralized ID System
  • Can Amazon Scale Its Own B2B Shipping Service?
  • To Win in the New Delivery Economy, Go to the Cloud
  • Amazon Makes Free Whole Foods Deliveries a Prime Perk
  • The 3 Faces of Customer Care
  • SEC, Senators Lean Toward Tighter Cryptocurrency Regulation
  • Will 2018 Be the Year of Reckoning for Online Tax Collection?
  • 3 Reasons Your E-Commerce Biz Should Have a Blog
  • There May Be Gold in Them Thar Podcasts
  • Feds to Probe Apple's iPhone Performance Disclosures
  • Apple May Be Gearing Up to Crack E-Books
  • Don't Pay the Hackers
  • Google's Ad Mute Option Could Be a Valuable Messaging Tool
  • AT&T Raises Eyebrows With Call for Internet Bill of Rights
  • New Service Aims to Ease B2B Tech Purchasing Process
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    What should be done about UFOs?
    World governments should cooperate to address a potential planetary threat.
    The DoD should investigate -- they could signal a hostile nation's tech advances.
    The government should reveal what it already knows.
    The government probably has good reasons for secrecy and should be trusted on this.
    Wealthy corporate space-age visionaries should take the lead.
    Nothing. Studying UFOs is a waste of resources.
    Keep the stories coming. People love conspiracy theories, and it's fun to speculate.