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A Week on E-Commerce Times, Plus Recent Archives

  • Evolution of the 4th Utility: Fixed Broadband
  • Retailers Slowly Embracing In-Store Tech Tools
  • Salesforce Reshuffles SaaS, PaaS in Internet of Things and AI
  • FTC Tightens Screws on Social Media Influencers
  • Walmart Throws Down Gauntlet to Amazon


  • Small Companies Often in the Dark About Cyberattacks
  • Android Devs May Follow Apple's Face ID Lead
  • HPE Gave Russia Deep Dive Into Security Software Used by Pentagon
  • Are You Ready for a RoboCEO?
  • 3 Timely E-Commerce Shipping Tips
  • 'Invisible' Technologies: What You Can't See Can Hurt You
  • Google Adds a Brick to Online Publishers' Paywalls
  • Amazon Deploys Army of Echoes Against Oncoming Threats
  • Cloudflare Stream Promises Easy, Cheap Video Hosting
  • Behind-the-Scenes Cryptocurrency Mining Discovered on Showtime Sites
  • Innovation Requires Market Enablement
  • Cloud Partner Program Aims to Replace ERP
  • Amazon's Alexa May Get Into Your Head
  • Artificial Intelligence, Smart Speakers and You
  • AWS to Sell Cloud Services by the Second
  • Malware Embedded in CCleaner Tool Puts Millions at Risk
  • 5 Ways to Use Snapchat to Target Millennials
  • FTC Confirms Probe Into Equifax Data Breach
  • IT Convergence Trend Alters Approach to Federal Market
  • The Internet of Things Is a Boon for B2B: Report
  • Apruve Allies with Matrix to Reduce B2B Credit Risk
  • Biggest Obstacle to Business Success: Multicloud Management
  • Taking Business Communication in Stride
  • Why We Should Care More About Who's Watching
  • Vivaldi CEO Claims Google Retaliated for Privacy Criticism
  • 5 Ways to Give E-Commerce Shopping That Personal Touch
  • Consumers' Embrace of Mobile Apps Is Limited to a Choice Few
  • Apple, Accenture Team on iOS Enterprise Apps
  • Cyberthieves Train Their Sights on US Mobile Phone Customers
  • Amazon Takes 1st Steps Toward Whole Foods Pricing Makeover
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