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Next Stop for Europe’s Broadband Market: Quadruple Play

The European broadband market is growing rapidly. At the end of Q2 2007, there were close to 100 million broadband subscribers in Europe. DSL remains the dominant access technology, with over 80 percent of the market share. Nordic countries remain the leaders in broadband penetration, with penetrati...


It’s All About the ‘Experience’

Service providers, much like people, react to change in different ways. The Chinese word for "crisis" embodies two characters -- one means "danger" and the other "opportunity." The smart way for service providers to handle the current changes is to identify the dangers and seize the opportunities. E...


Who Will Win the 4G Race?

Many entities have used the term "4G" to refer to a next-generation technology that delivers much better performance than the current 3G standards. For example, Sprint is referring to its planned Mobile WiMax launch as a "4G" deployment. The truth is, unlike 3G, which is clearly defined in IMT-2000,...

Will Elon Musk ultimately purchase Twitter?
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