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What as a Service Is Right for You as a Business?

The quick answer: It depends. The type of cloud services you select might be dictated by your IT budget, the core competencies of your IT staff, and your IT strategy and tactics -- meaning which applications you keep in-house, versus which ones you selectively outsource. To begin, let's look at the ...


From Hype to Reality: Communications as a Service

Communications as a Service. Cloud communications. Hosted PBX. You've heard the terms, and you've witnessed the hype. But what are these technologies? And what will they do for your business? Generally, a CaaS solution involves your business utilizing the resources, equipment and software of a servi...


The Next Generation of Business Networks

The wide area network is central to the IT strategy of any multilocation business. Employees expect the WAN to be available when they need it, much like any other utility in the business. WANs have historically been built on "best effort" circuit or packet-switched IP networks. This strategy is ef...

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