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Exciting Times for Data Analysts

These are exciting times to be a data analyst. I say this because two of the biggest barriers that have traditionally prevented analysts from effectively leveraging and acting upon data have been greatly reduced. The time required to compile and process data to make it useful for analysis plus our ...


Putting Data into Context

As database services become increasingly commoditized, the value of databases depends more and more upon advanced consumer analytics. The technology exists both for aggregating data to input into analyses and for acting on results of such analyses in a multitude of ways and through a variety of chan...


Content Analysis: Why Do Customers Respond?

Traditionally, e-mail program measurement focuses on overt consumer responses: We know that a customer has opened, clicked, perhaps even transacted -- but unless a coupon redemption is involved, our knowledge of why a response has occurred is often limited. With the focus in measuring e-mail progra...


Searching for a Data Expert

We live in a data-rich world. Data is everywhere you look, and used in so many ways -- to build e-mails, generate lists, create target groups, form reports, even to construct the foundation of a valid strategy. Yet data remains an elusive and stubborn beast, and it can become a point of contention b...

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