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Avaya Puts More Eggs in BYOD Basket
November 26, 2012
Avaya IP Office joined the BYOD revolution with the release of version 8.1 earlier this year. Now the company is gearing up for more changes, including a forthcoming release that will integrate video functionality into its feature set. It will continue to expand its functionality around mobility in 2013, said SVP Tom Mitchell, president of Avaya Go to Market.
Genesys One Gives Mid-Market a Second Shot
November 16, 2012
Genesys is making a play for the middle market with the release of Genesys One. The last time the company targeted the middle market was more than 10 years ago, when it was owned by Alcatel. Since then, the middle market has changed significantly. Both customer needs and buying behavior have changed considerably, observed Brian Bischoff, vice president of global offer management for Genesys.
No-Sweat Windows 8 Networking
November 15, 2012
Easy sharing and streaming of media and other assets among computers at home or in the workplace is a good reason to get networked. Other benefits include sharing Internet connections. If you've been using email as a method for distributing files among family members or a small business, or are simply taking the Windows 8 plunge, Microsoft has never made it easier.
Disaster Planning on an SMB Shoestring
November 13, 2012
For folks on the East Coast of the United States, the past few weeks have been pretty intense. Between hurricane Sandy and the associated fallout -- flooding, lack of public transportation, power outages, dark cell towers -- many firms in impacted areas have experienced firsthand the value of their BCP -- business continuity planning -- and DR -- disaster recovery -- planning efforts.
Open Source Ammo for the SMB Security Arsenal
October 20, 2012
Technology professionals who work in and around SMBs know that sometimes bringing up information security in a smaller IT shop can be a tough sell. In many cases, SMBs feel that they don't present an attractive or large enough target for hackers to be interested in them.
Report: SMBs Overconfident on Cybersecurity
October 18, 2012
Small businesses in the United States are generally confident about their cybersecurity status, but they're wrong, according to a survey of 1,015 companies conducted for the National Cyber Security Alliance and Symantec. Apparently, SMBs aren't doing enough to keep their businesses safe and secure.
The 7 Deadly Sins of Small-Biz Sales
October 08, 2012
Is your small business guilty as sin? Many small businesses are committing sales transgressions that hinder success and threaten to condemn them to eternal mediocrity in the market. The root of all these sins lies in a failure to adhere to the "commandment of commitment." To stay on the right path, every business should commit to a sales process that is documented and measurable.
Bizness CRM Homes In on SMB Prospects
October 05, 2012
There are countless of CRM apps for small businesses, Bizness Apps CEO Andrew Gazdecki readily admits. But CRM apps aimed at companies that sell to small businesses? Not so much. Enter Bizness Apps, which has launched Bizness CRM, a Web-based app, as well as native iPhone app, that is aimed precisely at this constituency.
IBM Taps Middleman to Reach Mid-Market
September 27, 2012
IBM launched a major initiative on Wednesday with the goal of targeting middle-market companies via their managed service providers. Increasingly, middle market companies are turning to companies that deliver technology solutions on a pay-as-you-go-model, said Mike McClurg, IBM's VP of global mid-market sales.
Groupon Gets Its Mobile Payments Groove On
September 20, 2012
Groupon is entering the mobile payments space with its own offering, Groupon Payments. The service, which facilitates credit card transactions, is available to any small business in the U.S.; however, it's offered to Groupon merchants at cheaper rates. Groupon is positioning the service as easier and less expensive for small businesses to use than traditional payment systems.
Sage Act Hones Social, Mobile Tools for Small-Biz Marketers
September 10, 2012
Sage North America has rolled out Sage Act 2013, a new iteration of its flagship application that has been enhanced with mobile, social and email marketing capabilities, as well as new smart task automation functionality. The focus is on contemporary trends of interest to SMBs, said Brandon Balsley, director of Sage Act product management.
Better Billing Means Happier Customers
September 06, 2012
The billing function conjures up many images, few of them positive. Essential to success of your business, yet often a burden for most organizations independent of size or market, billing is seen as a necessary evil to collect cash and enable organizations to stay alive.
Blackbaud Offers Nonprofits Sharper Prospecting Tools
August 31, 2012
Blackbaud has enhanced its CRM app for nonprofits with completely redesigned prospect and research capabilities. It is the company's second major release this year, said Tiffany Crumpton, senior marketing manager for CRM solutions. "This release was long in the works."
Time Warner Pours $25M Into NYC Fiber Project
August 29, 2012
Time Warner Cable is investing $25 million in its fiber-optic network in certain parts of New York City. The goal is to provide faster Internet access, similar to Google's project in Kansas City, Mo., and Kansas City, Kan. Unlike Google, though, Time Warner Cable is primarily interested in targeting a specific constituency: business users that are heavy consumers of data.
Making Business Sites Work Hand in Glove With Social Media
August 22, 2012
It's not enough to have just a website, or just social media profiles. Businesses need to have both, and the traffic needs to flow seamlessly between them. Numerica Credit Union was looking for a way to offer customers a useful tool on its Facebook page while driving traffic from Facebook to its site. When Shastic offered it a chance to test drive Calcubot, the credit union jumped on the opportunity.
VerticalResponse Coupons, Clipper Help SMBs Get More Social
August 20, 2012
VerticalResponse recently launched its social platform with two new features: Coupons and Clipper. Coupons lets businesses generate custom coupons that can be published as a Facebook tab on their Facebook page or as a standalone Web page. Clipper is a browser button that lets users save interesting Web pages to their VerticalResponse Social account.
Injecting That Personal Touch Into SMB Communications
August 18, 2012
In today's economy, there are many tools designed for sustaining small and mid-sized businesses. Web conferencing is a tool that an increasing number of companies find very useful. Over the last few years, Web conferencing and online meetings software have taken off as communication tools with several benefits, like reducing cost of travel and enabling long-distance meetings.
Yardi CRM for Real Estate: Integration, Integration, Integration
July 27, 2012
When Yardi CRM launched in the fall of 2010, it was targeting what it saw as a lack of industry-specific CRM within the commercial real estate broker industry. While standalone CRM applications -- even lightweight ones that reside in the cloud -- can work wonders for small and medium-sized businesses, it is pointless for this particular industry to have CRM functionality.
Fiitfu Puts Follow-Up Front and Center
July 24, 2012
When Mary-Jane Mehlenbacher left the corporate world to have her daughter, she didn't realize she would be leaving behind network marketing software that worked. Mehlenbacher had decided to form her own home-based network marketing company but couldn't find an appropriate CRM software application that fit her needs and single-proprietor company size. So she decided to build her own application.
Avaya Beefs Up BYOD Support in Unified Communications
July 19, 2012
New mobility and security features are among the areas of focus in Avaya's latest iteration of Avaya IP Office 8.1, its unified communications platform for small and mid-sized enterprises. The company also built out the scale of the application; it is now able to serve 1,000 users in a single location, up from its previous support level of 384.

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