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Facebook Tells Content Producers Which Stories to Share
October 23, 2013
Facebook has introduced Stories to Share, a tool to help media outlets -- from online publications to TV broadcasters to music startups -- maximize value. Appearing in the media panel of a publisher's Facebook page, Stories to Share makes recommendations based on the number of shares a post has received. When an article gets a certain number of Likes, it will appear in the list.
With Pogue Hire, Yahoo May Be Putting Content Horse Before Ad Cart
October 22, 2013
Yahoo on Monday announced the hire of New York Times tech columnist David Pogue to lead "a major expansion of consumer tech coverage." He will publish columns, blog posts, video stories and more, starting later this year, the company said. Pogue and his team "have much bigger plans, too, for all kinds of online and real-world creations," he said.
Solid Q3 Sends Google to Stratosphere
October 18, 2013
Investors sent Google's shares soaring past the $1,000 mark Friday following its stellar third-quarter earnings report. Google reported $14.89 billion in revenue, a 12 percent increase compared with the same time a year ago, beating Wall Street expectations. It posted net income of $2.97 billion, up from the $2.18 billion a year earlier. Google shares hit an all-time high of $1,015 on Friday.
When Your Mobile Meter Is Running, Google Will Pay the Tab
October 15, 2013
Google is planning to compensate users for letting it monitor their behavior via a mobile app currently in development. The project is part of Google's Screenwise market research program, which was launched about a year ago, said Google spokesperson Andrea Faville. "We conduct this research with small panels of volunteers to see how people are consuming media across screens," she said.
British Retailer Takes Site Offline to Clear Out Disgusting E-Books
October 15, 2013
British retailer WH Smith has shuttered its UK site and will keep it offline until all particularly objectionable sexual content is removed from its offerings. Last week, technology news site The Kernel reported that WH Smith -- along with Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers -- was selling pornographic e-books, including titles that featured rape, incest and bestiality.
Google's New Rules: You're in the Ad Game Now
October 12, 2013
Google has announced changes to its Terms of Service that will take effect Nov. 13. In short, users' profile names and photos will be served up together with content such as reviews they share, ads they +1, comments they post, or who and what they follow. Only people users choose to share content with will see their profile names and photos. Users under 18 will not be affected by the ToS change.
Nielsen Sets Its Sights on Tweets About TV
October 08, 2013
Nielsen on Monday rolled out Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, a service it says is the first-ever measure of the total activity and reach of TV-related conversation on Twitter. Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings measure not only "authors" -- or the number of people tweeting about TV programs -- but also the much larger audience of people who actually view those tweets.
Instagram Takes Cautious Step Into the Ad World
October 05, 2013
Over the next couple of months Instagram will begin incorporating the "occasional ad" in U.S. users' feeds, the company announced on Thursday. The ads will include high-quality photos and videos from a few brands that are part of the Instagram community, the company explained. Users will have control over the ads, including hiding the ones they don't like and providing feedback as to why.
The Hidden Price of Free Webmail
October 04, 2013
No one expects a free lunch. So when people use a free webmail service, many assume they will be bombarded with advertising. Why? Obviously, because the webmail services make money by commercializing the content of the webmail! Actually when you sign up for free webmail, and click "I Accept," contractually you are acknowledging that you have read, and agree to, the ToS and Privacy Policies.
Facebook to TV Nets: Take Our Data - Please!
October 03, 2013
Facebook reportedly will begin providing TV broadcasters with data about the chatter their shows are inspiring on the site. Facebook is in fierce competition with Twitter to become the primary destination for second-screen users to post their reactions and engage with others while watching TV series, sporting events, and special-occasion broadcasts like the Emmys.
Google's New EU Deal - Same as the Old Deal?
October 03, 2013
After three years of wrangling with Google over its alleged anticompetitive business practices, the EU hinted there may be light at the end of the tunnel. "We have reached a key moment in this case," EC Vice President Joaquin Almunia, who is responsible for competition policy, said at a Parliament hearing Tuesday. Almunia previously had serious doubts that a settlement could be reached with Google.
Judge Cuts Google No Slack in Gmail Wiretap Case
September 27, 2013
Google may have breached federal and California wiretapping laws by machine-scanning Gmail messages in order to deliver targeted advertising, U.S. District Judge Lucy H. Koh ruled on Thursday. As a result of the ruling, a class-action suit against Google over the issue can now proceed. The suit contends that non-Gmail users were also subject to illegal interception when they sent email to Gmail users.
Google's AdID Could Crush Cookies
September 25, 2013
Google reportedly is developing its own anonymous identifier for advertising, AdID, that will replace third-party cookies as a way for advertisers to track consumers' online browsing activity. Its aim is to give consumers more privacy and control over their Web browsing. Google's AdID apparently will let users limit ad tracking through browser settings.
Twitter Aims to Snuff the DVR
September 23, 2013
Twitter reportedly is in talks with TV networks and advertisers in advance of its IPO, which is expected later this year. Twitter executives are meeting with TV industry reps during the AdWeek conference in New York City this week. Twitter wants to strengthen its revenue flow through partnerships leveraging new products such as Amplify, launched earlier this year.
Yahoo Rolls the Dice With Tumblr Analytics Deal
September 17, 2013
Tumblr has teamed up with DataSift to provide users with information about consumer engagement and sentiment. DataSift subscribers on Monday gained access to both historic and real-time data about what consumers were posting about their brands in Tumblr's 5.5 billion monthly global interactions. DataSift already curated information from Facebook, Twitter, Amazon reviews and YouTube video comments.
Twitter Greases Its Mobile Advertising Gears
September 12, 2013
Twitter is acquiring mobile advertising exchange MoPub in order to support advertisers' efforts to optimize their ad buys. MoPub helps advertisers buy, manage and maximize performance of a variety of ads, especially those on mobile platforms. Twitter plans to invest in MoPub's core business and help it build real-time bidding that would allow advertisers to automate and scale their inventory.
Facebook Wants to Be Heard Above the Roar of the Tweets
September 10, 2013
Facebook on Monday began rolling out new tools designed to help news organizations uncover the real-time conversations people are having across the social network. The company released two APIs to a handful of online publications. The Public Feed allows news organizations to integrate Facebook conversations about trending topics into their own coverage.
Facebook Ascending in Mobile Ad Revenue
August 30, 2013
One short year ago, Facebook had virtually no presence on the mobile platform, at least in terms of ad activity and monetization. Today, it's not only flourishing but showing real signs of leading the pack one day. The latest indicator comes from eMarketer, which on Wednesday released upwardly revised projections for Facebook's ongoing momentum in this space.
Face Plus Gives Digital Characters Heart and Soul
August 29, 2013
Mixamo on Wednesday launched Face Plus, a new tool that lets developers and filmmakers convert human facial expressions recorded by a webcam into high-fidelity 3D animation to enliven their digital characters. Face Plus works with any ordinary webcam, making it possible to produce short scenes, commercials or games that feature animated characters without having to bring actors into a studio.
In Mobile Video Ads, Good Things Must Come in Small Packages
August 20, 2013
When the expected surge in mobile video advertising arrives, it's not just consumers who will have adjustments to make. Rather, marketers will also have to make some changes to accommodate the growth in this up-and-coming format. In this new world, the motto will be "short and sweet" -- as in 15 seconds, said Anthony Iacovone, founder and CEO of AdTheorent.

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