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The Social Side of Big Data
July 31, 2014
The power of Big Data technology is being successfully applied to understanding such complex unknowns as consumer sentiment and even intent. That understanding then vastly improves how businesses manage their customers' experiences -- increasingly in real time. Fortunately, today's consumers are quite willing to share their intents and sentiments via social media.
Easing DevOps Snafus in the Cloud Era
February 21, 2014
As developers are pressured to produce mobile and distributed cloud apps ever faster and with more network unknowns, the older methods of software quality control can lack sufficient predictability. And as Agile development means faster iterations and a constant stream of updates, newer means of automated testing of the apps in near-production realism prove increasingly valuable.
Intrusion Prevention: Keeping the Bad Guys Out
January 13, 2014
By improving the security and availability of services, IT leaders can deliver better experiences and payoffs for businesses and end users alike. In this podcast, we're joined by Jim O'Shea, Network Security Architect for HP Cyber Security Strategy and Infrastructure Engagement. We'll explore the ins and outs of improving enterprise intrusion prevention systems.
Turning the BYOD Lemons Into Lemonade
January 06, 2014
The recent and rapid evolution of mobile and client management requirements has caused considerable complexity and confusion. Incomplete solutions and a lack of a clear pan-client strategy have hampered the move to broader mobile support at enterprises and mid-market companies alike. This state of muddled direction has put IT in a bind while frustrating users.
Cloud Efficiency: Different Paths, Same Destination
November 18, 2013
Aggressive use of cloud-computing strategies can significantly improve delivery of applications to end users. Healthcare patient-experience improvement provider Press Ganey and project and portfolio management provider Planview are both exploiting cloud efficiencies and agility. Their paths have been different, but the outcomes speak volumes for how cloud transforms businesses.
Turning Politics Into Political Science With Big Data
October 21, 2013
It's no secret that Big Data is changing the face of customer analytics, giving organizations new insight into customers' wants and preferences. A similar phenomenon is going on in the realm of politics. In the 2012 U.S. national elections, in fact, the Democratic National Committee leveraged Big Data analytics to better understand and predict voter behavior and alliances.
The Dawning of the Predictive Business Era
October 07, 2013
A momentous shift in business strategy is taking place. Big Data, cloud computing and mobility, in tandem, are having an enormous impact on how businesses must act -- and react -- across their markets. The agility goal of real-time responses is no longer good enough. What's apparent across more business ecosystems is that businesses must extend their ability to react well into the future.
Big Data and the Customer Analytics Challenge
October 03, 2013
Big Data is changing the game around customer analytics, giving organizations the means to develop far better analytics about their customers than ever before. Numerous examples, in fact, illustrate how high-performing and cost-effective Big Data processing can shed a world of new insight on customers' wants and preferences.
Cracking the BYOD Security Nut
September 23, 2013
While so-called BYOD isn't necessarily new -- IT departments, after all, have been supporting mobile road warriors since the 1980s -- the rising tide of end users seeking the use and support of their own consumer devices is different. It's so different that IT departments are grasping for any standard or proven approaches that make BYOD access of enterprise resources both secure and reliable.
Neutralizing the 'Weapons Grade' Enterprise Cybersecurity Threat
September 09, 2013
IT leaders are improving security and reducing risks as they adapt to new and often harsh realities of doing business online. CSC and HP, for example, have entered a strategic partnership to help companies and governments better adapt to the tough cybersecurity landscape. "The reality is that we are under attack and have been for quite some time," said Dean Weber, CTO of CSC Global Cybersecurity.
Sorting Out the Big Data Myths
August 14, 2013
Debunking myths around Big Data should be a first step to making better business decisions for improving data analysis and data management capabilities in a company. As the volume and purpose of data and business intelligence has dramatically shifted, older notions and misconceptions -- what amount to myths about data infrastructure -- need to updated and corrected, too.
Putting Enterprise Risk Under the Microscope
July 29, 2013
Recent developments in the cybersecurity landscape have heightened interest in accurately anticipating and understanding risk, and using that knowledge to better manage organizations. Enterprises are better delivering risk assessment and, one hopes, defenses, in the current climate of challenging cybersecurity. Nation-state types of threats may have a very serious impact on organizations.
A Better Window on SaaS and Hybrid Apps
July 08, 2013
Managing applications sprawl has long been a burr in the IT saddle, and the popularity of Software as a Service applications hasn't exactly been a balm. As with on-premises applications, the key to SaaS and hybrid apps is getting better visibility and operational data on the applications' health, and then automating the processes across standardized methods and controls. Easier said than done.
Vaporizing Cloud Risks
June 24, 2013
The path to the cloud is strewn with risks, but Australian IT services provider Thomas Duryea Consulting has made a successful journey to cloud computing as a business. A cloud-of-clouds approach is providing new types of IT services to TD's many Asia-Pacific region customers. TD designed, built and commercialized an adaptive cloud infrastructure that aids users in reducing risks.
Virtual Testing Trims Real World Costs and Delivery Times
May 20, 2013
When you're a top Internet service provider in Turkey, and you deploy scores of applications each year, you have to find an efficient testing method that ensures the apps are working properly across all infrastructures. TTNET, with six million subscribers, found that service virtualization was the best solution.
New IT Tools Untie Tangled Webs of Business Data
May 06, 2013
Information may indeed be power, but organizations large and small are finding that they have to expend more energy than ever just to keep up with the data streams flooding their infrastructures. It's not just the internal data that provides intelligence about their businesses. Organizations are also having to manage all that external Big Data that can help them land new customers.
Transforming an Enterprise From Sluggish to Sleek
April 22, 2013
When it comes to the enterprise, thin is in -- as in slimming down business processes and reducing the level of complexity that comes with running organizations in the 21st century. That goal would be challenging enough without the arrival of trends like Big Data and mobility. There are also the continuing struggles to secure company data, manage risk and meet compliance deadlines.
Virtualization: An IT Prescription for Healthcare Providers
April 08, 2013
Healthcare providers know that technology can provide an answer to higher operating costs and ailing efficiencies within their organizations, but strict regulatory issues and other compliance matters have always proved to be tough obstacles. The security of patient health data, after all, must never be compromised in pursuit of greater efficiencies.
Rebooting IT to Run Like a Business
March 25, 2013
It's one thing to employ enterprise resource planning to streamline an entire organization's business processes -- to use software and data to create a more efficient flow of information between different departments. However, what about applying ERP to an individual information technology department within that organization? What benefits could be achieved?
Locking Up Big Data to Unlock Its Value
March 18, 2013
The bad news about Big Data: This business trend means enterprises now have more valuable information within their systems that must be protected. The good news about Big Data: The analytics and business intelligence that come along with the trend can also be used to improve risk management within organizations.
How to Drink from the Big Data Firehose Without Drowning
March 11, 2013
The arrival of big data means the end of the status quo for the enterprise. It means more than just sorting the sheer volume and velocity of information now available to companies. To be able to derive the most value from big data, large enterprises now have to consider its impact on issues such as security, risk and governance.
With Business Foundations Shaking, Good Enterprise Architects Are Hard to Find
March 04, 2013
Enterprise architects are looking at several trends impacting their roles in the business world -- the growth of cloud computing, the arrival of big data, more security challenges, the overall rate of technological advances. These are the topics discussed at conferences.
AT&T's Take on Shifting Cloud Challenges and Opportunities
February 25, 2013
Migrating to the cloud is all the rage, but companies large and small are finding that they need to move a wider variety of their daily operations to network-delivered services -- if they are available, and within their budgets. One of the world's largest service providers, global telecommunications giant AT&T, has created advanced cloud services for its business customers.
Auto Biz Game-Changers: Big Data Mashups
February 04, 2013
Ford has exploited the strengths of big data analytics by directing them internally to improve business results. In doing so, they scour the metrics from the company's best processes across myriad manufacturing efforts and through detailed outputs from in-use automobiles -- all to improve and help transform its business, says Ford researcher Michael Cavaretta.

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