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John P. Mello Jr.
Google's I/O Steers Devs to Photos, IoT, Maps and More
05/28/15 3:28 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 669 Words

In addition, as with Apple Pay, a virtual account number is created for a transaction so a credit card number never leaves the device.

Bad Bet?
Android Pay will be accepted at more than 700,000 contactless payment outlets, including Macy's,...

Richard Adhikari
Salesforce Makes Splash With Wave for Big Data
05/28/15 2:46 PM PT | CRM Buyer | 647 Words

Salesforce in February released a mobile version of the Wave platform for iOS, and the Analytics Cloud mobile app is available for the iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch.

"Ultimately, we are driven by our customers, and so we have launched...

Chris Maxcer
5 Reasons Jony Ive's Step Back Is Apple's Step Forward
05/28/15 12:23 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1230 Words

... seem to be two major reactions to the "promotion" of Apple's Jonathan Ive to the newly created position of chief design officer: first, that he deserves the recognition and reward; and second, that this is the beginning of the end for...

Rob Enderle
Apple vs. Lenovo: Lenovo's Coming-Out Party
05/25/15 5:00 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1492 Words

... there is one vendor on the planet that has the capability to fight Apple -- on paper, it is Lenovo. Lenovo this week will hold its annual Lenovo Tech World event in China, showcasing the company's new breadth. While it would be...

John P. Mello Jr.
Is Home Where HomeKit's Heart Is?
05/26/15 10:03 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 615 Words

Apple already has announced that some HomeKit products will be making their debut at this year's WWDC, which will be held next month in San Francisco. It's possible the Home app could be unveiled there as well.

However, Home appears to...

John P. Mello Jr.
Phone Companion App Lets Cortana Get Around
05/27/15 12:20 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 837 Words

"That's good, and that's smart from Microsoft's perspective, and it's reinforcing the fact that they are platform-neutral, which I think is important, because Google and Apple are not doing that," he told TechNewsWorld.

"It could be potentially a positive for Microsoft...

Richard Adhikari
Hush! Everybody's Listening!
05/27/15 11:26 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 939 Words

The FBI, which repeatedly has expressed dismay at Google and Apple securing their mobile OSes -- on the grounds that it will hamper the fight against terrorism -- reportedly has become a major player in administering the NSA's warrantless surveillance program .


Jack M. Germain
Linux/Moose Malware Wreaks Havoc on Social Networks
05/27/15 5:19 PM PT | LinuxInsider | 1436 Words

Internet security researchers at Eset on Tuesday published a security research paper on Linux/Moose, a major threat to social networks that...

Chris Maxcer
The Last Apple Watch Review You'll Ever Need to Read
05/08/15 9:23 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 2132 Words

... you're thinking about getting an Apple Watch and have been on the fence, this review is for you. Why? The Apple Watch, it turns out, is less about being the perfect smartwatch than it is about being a watch. For the fence...

Chris Maxcer
Will Apple TV Be Busting Out All Over?
05/18/15 3:06 PM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1254 Words

... want to believe that Apple will launch a new Apple TV hardware device in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference -- but holy macaroni, it's been more than three years since Apple introduced the third-generation Apple TV. Of course, Apple made a...

Richard Adhikari
Coherent Navigation Buy May Not Unmuddle Apple Maps
05/19/15 10:26 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 598 Words

The purchase is widely viewed as an effort to improve the trouble-plagued Apple Maps. Coherent Navigation offers satellite navigation hardware; software that includes precise, secure, robust positioning; and timing and communication solutions.

One area of focus for Coherent Navigation is the United...

Peter Suciu
Discover Card Completes Apple Pay
05/07/15 1:00 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 774 Words

... last week announced that it would allow its cardmembers in the United States to make contactless payments in participating stores through Apple Pay. Users will be able to pay for goods and services beginning this fall via iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus...

John P. Mello Jr.
Watch Band Guidelines Good News for Apple Accessory Makers
05/06/15 4:19 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 809 Words

... on Tuesday released some guidelines that may deliver a charge to the accessory market for its Apple Watch. The guidelines make recommendations for accessory makers interested in making bands for the new smartwatch.

"A well-designed band will securely attach to Apple...

John P. Mello Jr.
Apple Fiddles With MacBook Pro, iMac Features and Pricing
05/21/15 10:50 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 749 Words

It includes the taptic engine found in the Apple Watch, which provides tactile feedback for tasks. It also includes Force Touch features that let users customize the pressure sensitivity of the trackpad.

The 256 gigabytes of flash storage make the new MacBook...

John P. Mello Jr.
Faulty Taptic Engine Could Make Apple Watch Rollout Sputter
05/01/15 12:43 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 692 Words

... production snag in making the component that provides tactile feedback in the Apple Watch could impact its availability in coming weeks. Apple was having problems obtaining sufficient vibration motors for the component, called the "taptic engine," AppleInsider reported two weeks ago.


Quinten Plummer
Apple Likely to Pony Up to Settle A123 Poaching Suit
05/14/15 2:13 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 536 Words

News of the rumored settlement has fueled speculation that Apple poached talent from the firm to forward its ambitions to enter the electric vehicle market.

A123 in February filed suit , asserting that Apple knowingly targeted high-level employees who were under non-compete...

Richard Adhikari
Apple, IBM Bring Tech to the Rescue for Japan's Seniors
05/04/15 9:38 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 588 Words

The iPads also will provide direct access to community activities and supporting services such as grocery shopping and job matching, according to IBM and Apple.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
Japan Post pretty much connects with every Japanese resident...

John P. Mello Jr.
Apple Watch Could Be a Password Alternative
04/30/15 10:04 AM PT | TechNewsWorld | 1559 Words

One of those alternatives could be the Apple Watch. Even before Apple's latest gadget began shipping last week, MicroStrategy announced it was extending its Usher enterprise security solution to the Apple Watch.

Usher, launched earlier this year, lets an enterprise use smartphones...

Jack M. Germain
Russia Aims to Build US-Free Mobile OS
05/20/15 4:29 PM PT | LinuxInsider | 825 Words

Security plays a key role. Apple and SAP reportedly refused to comply with the Russian government's request to provide access to their source codes.

Russia apparently wanted to know whether either company allowed U.S. spy agencies backdoor access to their operating...

Richard Adhikari
The US Government vs. E-Commerce
05/12/15 11:35 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 870 Words

Parallels to Apple's Price-Fixing Case?
A more prominent antitrust action is the one brought by the DoJ against Apple for e-book price-fixing. Apple agreed to pay US$450 million to settle the charges.

Apple was charged for discussing pricing...

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