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Thursday - October 23, 2014
The U.S. government is about to hold another wireless spectrum auction. Why is spectrum so important? If you owned a brand new car with brand new tires, you would still need air in those tires in order to drive, right? That's wireless spectrum. It's the air inside the tires that lets you drive. Without spectrum, you can't use mobile apps. The problem is, wireless spectrum is not unlimited. [More...]

Wednesday - October 22, 2014
To assume that naming Ashkan Soltani as the new FTC chief technologist indicates it's becoming more privacy-minded may be too obvious. "I don't think the appointment tells us much in terms of the FTC's direction, precisely because Soltani is such a superb choice," said EFF's Lee Tien. "He understands technology, privacy and security, and he is gifted at explaining technology to the nontechnical." [More...]

Wednesday - October 22, 2014
Toll fraud -- the hijacking of a phone system to dial out to premium numbers in distant countries at several dollars a minute -- costs companies more than $4.7 billion a year, up nearly $1 billion from 2011. Major carriers, such as the companies that make up the CFCA, have sophisticated fraud systems in place to catch hackers, and they can afford to credit customers for fraudulent charges. [More...]

Tuesday - October 21, 2014
Yet another major retailer -- this time, office supply chain Staples -- reportedly has fallen victim to a data breach. More than half a dozen banks operating on the East Coast have seen fraudulent charges made at non-Staples businesses, such as supermarkets and other big-box retailers, by people using Staples cards. Those cards apparently were used previously at three Staples stores in the area. [More...]

Tuesday - October 21, 2014
Federal investment in cloud technology is picking up steam and should increase sharply in the next several years -- but that doesn't mean that government agencies suddenly have found that cloud migration will be either quick or simple. Federal cloud spending will jump from slightly more than $3 billion in fiscal 2014 to $9.9 billion in fiscal 2018, according to IDC Government Insights. [More...]

Monday - October 20, 2014
Will Apple be able to breathe some fresh air into the moribund mobile payments market? That question was on many minds Monday as the company rolled out its Apple Pay mobile payment system. Apple Pay has an advantage over previous mobile payment schemes because Apple had important pieces in place -- Passbook, Touch ID and its online stores -- before launch of the payment system. [More...]

Monday - October 20, 2014
IBM is a company in transition, and it's apparently so eager to be out with the old and in with the new that it agreed to pay GlobalFoundries $1.5 billion to take over its chip manufacturing business. The company announced the plan as it reported Q3 earnings that missed expectations, sending its stock down more than 7 percent. IBM is now intensely focused on expanding its cloud operations. [More...]

Monday - October 20, 2014
Whisper, an app that purports to send messages anonymously, reportedly has been tracking the location of its users, including those who have turned off their geolocation feature. Even more incendiary than the location-tracking accusation is the allegation that Whisper has identified smartphones used at military bases and has shared information gleaned from them with the Defense Department. [More...]

Monday - October 20, 2014
While app developers generally aim to make money off their creations, this goal is often relegated to second-tier status by programmers who but the product first and foremost, as they should. Therefore, in order to minimize the time needed to devote to a monetization strategy, developers generally choose one of the following tried-and-true methods. [More...]

Friday - October 17, 2014
Netflix stock closed Friday at $357, up slightly from the depths it plummeted to earlier this week. Shares fell almost 25 percent in premarket trading on Thursday -- more than $110 a share -- to $338. The plunge followed news of weak subscriber growth in its third quarter. Netflix reported $1.2 billion in Q3 revenue, which was up 38 percent from the same period a year prior. [More...]

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