Four Tips for Retailers on How to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment
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A Week on E-Commerce Times, Plus Recent Archives

  • Twitter Buys Yes for Product VP Talent
  • Amazon's Register-Free Grocery Shopping Could Disrupt Retail
  • Fitbit May Pick Up Pebble
  • Netflix Offers Offline Option at Long Last
  • Zenefits Pays the Piper
  • Beware of Wildly Inconsistent Online Shopping Rules
  • China's Business-Unfriendly Cybersecurity Stance
  • Samsung Floats Possibility of Split


  • CNN Taps Beme Talent to Cultivate Millennials
  • Feds Need to Bolster Cyberprotection Speed and Range
  • Cyber Monday Is Bigger Than One Day
  • Black Friday's $9B Weekend Haul Shatters Records
  • Black Friday Shoppers Hungry for New Experiences, New Tech
  • Pay TV's Newest Innovation: Giving Users Control
  • Apple Celebrates Itself in $300 Coffee Table Tome
  • AWS Enjoys Top Perch in IaaS, PaaS Markets
  • US Comptroller Gears Up for Blockchain and Internet Finance
  • Coping With Software Licensing Challenges in the Cloud
  • BlackBerry to Deliver One Last Keyboard Phone
  • Russia May Kick Out LinkedIn
  • Google Insists Android Plays on Level Field in Europe
  • Twitter Shuffles Deck as COO Bain Steps Down
  • Election Day Cybershenanigans Highlight Need to Shore Up Security
  • Silicon Valley Reels From Trump Shock
  • Commerce Dept Signs Up Private Sector IT Partners
  • Google Cites Amazon Competition in Response to EU
  • Facebook Share Price Falls Despite Blowout Quarter
  • Microsoft Launches Teams to Foil Office 365 Poachers
  • Can Charter Turn a Frog Into a Prince?
  • Broadcom Sews Up $5B Deal for Brocade
  • Amazon Builds Fulfillment Centers, Investors Grouse
  • Tech Industry Lambasts New FCC Privacy Rules
  • Tech Billionaire Thiel Aims to Justify His Trump Support
  • Stock Price Rises as Twitter Slashes Jobs, Uproots Vine
  • IBM's Watson Smartens Up iOS Enterprise Apps
  • Google's Jamboard Aids Enterprise Brainstorming Sessions
  • Twitter May Kick 300 Employees Out of Its Nest
  • Batterygate Will Kill Samsung's Holiday Shopping Season
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    Is fake news a major problem?
    Yes -- people don't know which news to trust.
    No -- it's very easy to spot.
    Yes -- it's propaganda warfare, and the U.S. is losing.
    No -- people have always believed what suited them.
    Yes -- but only temporarily, as people are catching on.
    No -- much of it actually isn't fake.