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A Week on E-Commerce Times, Plus Recent Archives

  • NIST Risk-Assessment Framework Shapes Federal Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Google Expands Europeans' Internet Amnesia Zone
  • IRS Halts Hack Attack
  • Yahoo May Have Found a Lifeline
  • Twitter's New Algorithm Raises De-Democratization Fears
  • The Pirate Bay Is Now Streaming
  • The Internet of Things' Big Software Challenge
  • Amazon Echo: Get Your Uber Rides, Pizza Pies and Hit Music Here
  • LinkedIn Stock Tanks Despite Company's Professed Confidence
  • Report: 100 Ways to Improve Federal Cybersecurity


  • Google Strikes Back at Ad Blockers
  • Intel Reports Progress in Achieving Diversity
  • Facebook Invites 1.5B Close Friends to Its Birthday Bash
  • Uber Makeover Draws Derision
  • Microsoft Acquires SwiftKey to Advance AI Goals
  • The Next President's Alternative Energy Agenda
  • Virtual Reality May Be Coming Around Again for Nintendo
  • Alphabet Leapfrogs Apple to Top of the Heap
  • Windows 10 Gains on 7, Inch by Inch
  • Samsung Answers Android Ad-Blocking Call
  • Report: Apple Has Assembled a Crack Team of VR and AR Experts
  • T-Mobile's Binge On May Run Afoul of Net Neutrality Rules
  • Report: Amazon Primes Spotify Alternative
  • Facebook Bathes in Q4 Mobile Magnificence
  • FCC Chief Proposes End of Set-Top Box Rule
  • Feds Embrace Salesforce Platform Offerings
  • Wall Street Backs Off Apple
  • Sony's Gaming Biz Coming to America
  • iPhone Sales Could Be Slowing
  • AOL Buys AlephD to Boost Publisher Support
  • The Gears of E-Commerce
  • Execs Exit as Dorsey Works to Reshape Twitter
  • California Bill Would Ban Encrypted Smartphone Sales
  • Android Is Download King, but iOS Reigns Over Revenues
  • Foxconn Makes $5.3B Bid for Sharp
  • Consumer Advocates Push FCC on Broadband Privacy Rules
  • Apple Stats Reflect Slow Slog Toward Diversification
  • ESPN Boss Sees Significant Role for Sling TV
  • Microsoft Cloud Rains Free Services on Nonprofits
  • The Year of Connected and Self-Driving Cars
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