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A Week on E-Commerce Times, Plus Recent Archives

  • Outdated Federal IT Gobbles Up Vendor Opportunities
  • Tech Big Shots Rumored Lining Up for Twitter
  • Music Industry Rebounds on Streaming Subscription Surge
  • Hack of Half a Billion Records Takes Shine Off Yahoo's Data Trove
  • Samsung Green-Lights Galaxy Note7 Replacements
  • Comcast Takes the Wireless Plunge


  • Oracle Snags Palerra to Beef Up Cloud Security
  • Samsung Troubles Deepen Following Formal CPSC Action
  • Pandora Plus Trades Ad Views for Extra Features
  • Google Pursues Both Fiber and Wireless Broadband Ambitions
  • Adblock Plus Now Means Ad Blocking Plus Ads
  • Alphabet Think Tank Spearheads Online Counterterrorism Campaign
  • Samsung Catches a Small Break in Midst of Note7 Battery Pummeling
  • Feds Seek Vendor Help for Payroll Processing Upgrade
  • Amazon Drops Wells Fargo Student Loan Program Like Hot Potato
  • Deconstructing the Software Business
  • Dropbox Drops Other Shoe in Years-Old Data Breach
  • It's Time for Comcast to Get Off the Wireless Fence
  • American Bookworms Still Love Paper
  • That Hissing Sound Is the Last Bit of Air Leaking From Apple's Balloon
  • Google Fiber's Long, Tough Road Is Full of Twists and Turns
  • Feds Warn States to Batten Down Hatches Following Election System Attacks
  • Echo Owners May Get Their Own Kind of Music
  • Europe Duns Apple for $14.5B in Illegal Tax Breaks
  • Federal Agencies Told to Share Their Software
  • HPE, HP Sued for Elbowing Out Older Employees
  • Dark Days Ahead for Companies That Fail Customers
  • Defense Department Drifts Toward Commercial Cloud
  • Amazon Sets Up New Auto Research Shop
  • WhatsApp Shaves Off a Little More Privacy
  • Google Cracks Down on Intrusive Mobile Ads
  • Kobe Bryant Pours Energy - and Money - Into Tech
  • Verizon Toys With Risky App Revenue Plan
  • Sony Tips PS4 Slim Standard Strategy
  • Russian Gang Suspected of Hacking Oracle's POS System
  • Lights Out for Gawker.com
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