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A Week on E-Commerce Times, Plus Recent Archives

  • Airbnb Offers to Give a Little in NY, SF Tussles
  • Samsung Bows Under Note7 Fallout
  • Year-End Deals on Track for Federal IT Providers
  • Twitter Hopes Fade as Salesforce Deal Slips Away
  • Verizon Signals Cold Feet Over Yahoo Deal


  • Big Data and Analytics: Creating New Value
  • Snap Lines Up Bankers for Spring IPO
  • Amazon Throws the Books at Prime Subscribers
  • Odinaff Trojan Targets Banks, Financial Firms Worldwide
  • Rethinking Business Process Reengineering in the Cloud
  • Samsung Down, Galaxy Note7 Out
  • DoL Suit Highlights Asian Glass Ceiling in Tech
  • Samsung's Galaxy Note7 Assembly Lines Grind to Halt
  • Backpage CEO Arrested for Pimping, Child Prostitution
  • Newsweek Joins Growing Club of Possible Russian Cyberattack Targets
  • Who's Riding the New TV Wave?
  • US Launches IT Contract to Spur Cybersecurity Purchases
  • Amazon Cracks Down on Review Freebies
  • Report: Apple Shares Unencrypted iMessage Metadata With Cops
  • Facebook Cuts Ribbon on New Online Marketplace
  • Google Plugs More AI Into G Suite Office Apps
  • Trump Hauls Out Google Conspiracy Theory for Another Airing
  • Garden-Variety Cybercrooks Breached Yahoo, Says Security Firm
  • Apple Steers Its Car Project All Over the Map
  • Adobe Leaps From AWS to Microsoft's Cloud
  • Germany Dope Slaps Facebook Over WhatsApp Data
  • The Growing Customer Trust Gap
  • Outdated Federal IT Gobbles Up Vendor Opportunities
  • Tech Big Shots Rumored Lining Up for Twitter
  • Music Industry Rebounds on Streaming Subscription Surge
  • Hack of Half a Billion Records Takes Shine Off Yahoo's Data Trove
  • Samsung Green-Lights Galaxy Note7 Replacements
  • Comcast Takes the Wireless Plunge
  • Oracle Snags Palerra to Beef Up Cloud Security
  • Samsung Troubles Deepen Following Formal CPSC Action
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    What's your alarm level over cyberattacks on the Internet's infrastructure?
    Red: A deadly cyberwar will occur -- It's when, not if.
    Orange: A big one could be costly and threaten public safety.
    Yellow: We need to improve cybersecurity at a faster pace.
    Blue: Regional outages will become more frequent and more annoying.
    Green: There's no way anyone could take out the entire Internet.