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A Week on E-Commerce Times, Plus Recent Archives

  • Containing the Zombie Malware Outbreak
  • Americans Hate Surveillance, Love Privacy: Report
  • Smartphones Can't Be Trusted to Run Our Lives
  • QuizUp Branches Out Into Social Territory
  • Popcorn Time Offers Smooth-as-Butter Streaming
  • DoJ Calls On Private Sector to Strengthen Cybersecurity
  • Coherent Navigation Buy May Not Unmuddle Apple Maps
  • 5 IT Security Implementation Myths
  • Walmart Banks on Shaking Up E-Commerce


  • Fresh Takes on Shipping Perishable Online Purchases
  • Redesigning Products and Services for the Internet of Things
  • Apple Likely to Pony Up to Settle A123 Poaching Suit
  • AT&T Spreads Rollover Data Cheer to GoPhone
  • Facebook's Instant Articles Raise Troubling Questions
  • Feds Value - but Don't Always Use - Big Data Tools for Cybersecurity
  • Verizon Pursues OTT Dream With $4.4B AOL Buy
  • Google Makes It Easier for Online Hunters to Gather Food
  • The US Government vs. E-Commerce
  • Smartphone Makers Play Musical Chairs as China's Mobile Market Matures
  • FAA's Next-Generation Air Transportation System Falters
  • Uber Wants to Get Off Google's Maps
  • Users Choose to Wear Blinders, Facebook Suggests
  • The Cloud's Threatening Legal Storm
  • Federal Appeals Court Rules NSA's Phone Data-Vacuuming Illegal
  • Discover Card Completes Apple Pay
  • The Next Big Split in Wireless
  • Watch Band Guidelines Good News for Apple Accessory Makers
  • Supreme Court to Hear 'Non-Injury' Privacy Class Action
  • T-Mobile Offers Free 2-Week Vacation From Verizon
  • Microsoft Fires Up Its Business Engines
  • Comcast Blithely Juggles Its Options
  • Our Bodies, Our Security: Biometrics vs. Passwords
  • Apple, IBM Bring Tech to the Rescue for Japan's Seniors
  • Faulty Taptic Engine Could Make Apple Watch Rollout Sputter
  • Feds Get Forward-Looking IT Procurement Advice
  • Twitter Takes It on the Chin
  • Is Comcast, TWC Dead or Just Sleeping?
  • Shiny Apple Has a Few Soft Spots
  • Amazon Goes Full Bore for B2B Commerce
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