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A Week on E-Commerce Times, Plus Recent Archives

  • Netflix Surprises Itself With Gangbusters Membership Growth
  • Why Companies Botch Customer Care
  • Apple to Jack Up App Prices in UK
  • Facebook Launches Paris Startup Garage to Promote Entrepreneurs in Europe
  • US Pushes Cybersecurity Acquisition Tools as Contracts Flow


  • Amazon Growth Spurt to Create 100K New Jobs
  • Apple May Show Up Fashionably Late at the Original TV Party
  • The Crystallization of Salesforce's IoT Strategy
  • Instagram Stories to Feature Video Ads
  • Yahoo Makes Plans Amid Doubts Over Verizon Deal
  • Atlassian Scoops Up Trello for $425 Million
  • Medium Slashes Staff, Aims to Fix 'Broken' Model
  • Apple's Great App Store Sales May Not Signify Much
  • Which Wireless Carrier Is Best for You?
  • Bitcoin Rides the Uncertainty Wave
  • Evernote Toes the Privacy Line
  • Apple, Ireland Balk at EU's Bill for Back Taxes
  • Softbank Pumps $1B Into Global Web Access Race
  • 2017: AI's Coming Out Party
  • Cloud Enters Mainstream in Federal IT Investment Plans
  • Tech Leaders, Trump Team Search for Common Ground
  • FCC's Tom Wheeler Hitting the Road
  • Amazon Prime Air Zips Through British Countryside
  • Facebook Investors Slam Zuckerberg, Andreessen
  • Trump, Tech Bigwigs to Meet Wednesday
  • LinkedIn Begins New Chapter Under Microsoft's Wing
  • Microsoft Trumpets Stellar Surface Sales
  • AT&T, Time Warner Defend Merger to Lawmakers
  • Fitbit Pulls Pebble From Rock, Hard Place
  • Without Numbers, Cook's Apple Watch Claims May Be Hollow
  • SCOTUS Scuttles Apple's Big Samsung Award
  • Uber Sees Gold in Autonomous Vehicle Field
  • How Amazon Could Reshape More Industries in 2017
  • Amazon's Register-Free Grocery Shopping Could Disrupt Retail
  • Twitter Buys Yes for Product VP Talent
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    What's your reaction to the new Nintendo Switch gaming console?
    I'm excited -- can't wait to get my hands on one.
    I'm mildly interested and probably will try it out.
    It looks cool for the younger set but not serious gamers.
    Nintendo has lost its way -- the Switch will flop.
    No interest -- I'm a PlayStation fan.
    No interest -- I'm an Xbox fan.
    I only play games on my tablet or phone.