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A Week on E-Commerce Times, Plus Recent Archives

  • BlackBerry to Pull Out of Pakistan on Privacy Grounds
  • Austrian High Court to Rule on Class Action Status in Facebook Privacy Case
  • The Mystery of the Missing LinkedIn Post Views
  • Report: Mobile Payments Won't Be a Thing This Holiday Season
  • Walmart to Jump the Gun on Cyber Monday
  • HPE Closes Ranks With Microsoft on Windows 10
  • Have You Started Your Black Friday Shopping Yet?


  • NY AG Subpoenas Yahoo in Daily Fantasy Sports Battle
  • Diane Greene to Lead Google Into Cloud Business Fray
  • Telegram Shutters 78 ISIS Channels
  • Google Tears Down App Walls
  • Halo Makes Month for Xbox One
  • Surveys Reveal Lax Mobile Security Among Federal Workers
  • Nadella: Microsoft to Be Stealth Operator for Cloud Security
  • Report: Botnets Help Bump Cyberattack Attempts by 20 Percent
  • Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Zune
  • Gmail to Warn Users of Unencrypted Email
  • Time for Apple to Broaden Its Model?
  • Alibaba Crushes Global Online Shopping Day
  • CFOs Calculate Benefits of Cloud ERP
  • The Wireless Industry Is Changing Again
  • Apple May Enter P2P Mobile Payments Fray
  • Microsoft Hands Cloud Data Control to German Trustee
  • T-Mobile Opens Streaming-Video Buffet
  • Microsoft to Add Secure Islands to Its Cloud
  • NIST Seeks Review of Email Safety Doc
  • Cisco and Ericsson Hook Up for IoT Network
  • Channel Choosing: Where and How to Sell Online
  • Karma Serves Up $50 All-You-Can-Eat Data Plan
  • Toyota's $1B AI, Robotics Play Jolts Driverless World
  • Lawsuit Threatens Amazon's Prime Now Delivery Model
  • Circle With Disney Lets Parents Unglue Kids From Media
  • Microsoft Hits the Brakes on OneDrive
  • Activision Welcomes King Into Its Court
  • Film Industry Claims Victory in Shutdown of Major Piracy Sites
  • Nokia Bets on Artemis' 4G LTE Booster
  • New Parental Leave Policies, Bookstore Show Amazon's Softer Side
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    I plan to do my holiday shopping…
    Online only -- I like the convenience and comfort.
    Online only -- I'd shop in stores if their stock weren't so limited.
    At brick-and-mortar stores only -- I like to see what I'm getting.
    At brick-and-mortar stores only -- I enjoy the holiday shopping atmosphere.
    At brick-and-mortar stores only -- I want to support local merchants.
    Online and in stores -- I want the best of both worlds.
    I'm not planning on doing any holiday shopping.